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“Saya rindu 13 May” … ptui!

January 31, 2020

“I miss May 13” … ptui!

* JMM president Azwanddin arrested
* Azwanddin arrested after threat to attack police station
* Malay rights group chief Azwanddin Hamzah remanded for 4 days 

I have taken a sabbatical this last one week to attend to personal matters. All good. This morning I am easing myself back into writing again about matters that are close to my heart, Tanah Air Ku. Among the things I found waiting for me to peruse is this video. I do not know what or who Gagasan Tiga is or are! I do not know any of these guys in the video nor the guy talking. I only go on what that idiot of a Datuk is talking about. Only one guy’s face seems familiar and he tells us “I am a scientist-cum political activist and analyst who walks in truth and champions justice.” Really? That sure is a mouthful to swallow, what more to believe, but, to each his own. I do not know if anybody in that video has been arrested or questioned by the authorities. So here goes.

A Malay is polite. Decent. Soft-spoken. Have respect for their elders. Respect others who also show them respect. And all things considered, a Malay is slow to anger but when provoked, will not be quiet, nor will they turn the other cheek. I have watched a few of these Malays, of which I am one, made the Malays become the object of shame and disgust because of the things they do as they go about living their lives claiming themselves to be Malays but behaving like anything but a Malay. What have these Malays become today?

These are the kinds of Malays who give other Malays a bad name. These kinds of Malays are not born this way. They have become what they are today because Malay political leaders have decided that these are the Malays they need to make it possible for them to hold on to political power. Not one, not two, but many hundreds of thousands of Malays have been created in the same image:  racists, xenophobic religious nuts whose idea of their own self is narrowly wedged between race and religion and somewhere in there is plenty of hatred and contempt for others who are not like them! And when I say “others” that include other Malays who are not like them. And these hundreds and thousands of Malays are now loose in our society creating havoc and conflict among Malaysians.

How have these Malays become this way? First, they have been taught to be the way they are today by the things they see around them as they grew up. Their family are racists. Their education teaches them to be racist. The people they meet and mix with as they grew up, must be racists. Their workmates, their employees and the people they meet socially and at work must be racists. The government of the day must be racist.

That guy in the video refers to himself as a Datuk! Whatever your opinions are of these ‘datuks’ they are people in authority. Whether that ‘datukship’ is conferred by the Federal or State government or by the Sultans … they too think he is worthy of being a Dato and a person in authority. All in all a sizable portion of society has been responsible for him to be what he is today – an idiot who thinks himself superior to others. You can see how high up the rort has been for the Malays! Every conceivable level of authority has collaborated to allow Malays like this Datuk and many other Malays in every conceivable stratum of society to go about their daily lives ranting about race and religion to the detriment of other Malaysians. And really guys, today there are just too many of these racists and religious Malays among us all for any of us to do anything towards getting rid of them from within our midst. They are too many embedded in our society and are breeding exponentially and will, in a short time, overwhelm all of us and make Malaysia into their image that paints everything Malaysian in their own toxic racial and religious dogma.

All this is inevitable if things are left as they are today. All this is inevitable if no political will exists, for change.


So what does that say about our society? That it is so fucked up to have raised, reared and rewarded a racist to a position where he is now? Presumably, a leader, a datuk who can speak to a crowd about his “Saya rindu 13 May.” What manner of society do we have today that this can now be allowed to happen? Why is the government quiet. Why are the authorities quiet. Why are the Malays quiet? And more telling, why are the “nons” being cowered to be quiet? Everything in Malaysia seems to have conspired to make this kind of racist rant by a Malay leader possible! What kind of society are we to put up with these kinds of things?

So do not just blame these racists, blame also yourself for allowing these things to happen!

The only saving grace that we Malays is simply this truth. That stupid, idiotic and moronic Malays quite like this Datuk are not born stupid, idiotic and moronic! They have been thought to be stupid, idiotic and moronic racists and religious idiots! And because they are not born that way, there is still hope for the Malays to change for the better!



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