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Dr M cannot be trusted, says Umno delegate

February 27, 2020

* Political impasse: Analysing Mahathir, Harapan’s positions
* Guan Eng reveals what Dr M said after PH collapse
* Can PPBM get out of the quagmire it waded into?
* Surat terbuka buat Dr Mahathir Mohamad
* The most selfish man
* Mahathir, a crisis of his own making
* No amount of excuses, rationalisation can justify the betrayal
* Unionist: Usurping Harapan’s term of office is an act of treason
* I don’t want a unity government
* An open letter to a long-suffering homeland  

This is what ‘unity government’ will look like

Unity of one man running the country as he wishes without restraint

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