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Did Ron Wyatt (1933-1999) tell the truth?

March 26, 2020

Interviews with Dr. David Kim Seung Hak confirmed the facts …

* Korean doctor confirms Ron Wyatt’s archaeological Exodus & real Mt. Sinai discoveries
* Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia” Galatians 4:25  

Road to Sinai – The Crossing Site


Is Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia?



Dr. Sung Hak Kim’s Testimony – Ron Wyatt’s Discoveries Confirmed


Jim & Penny Caldwell interview (


  1. Dr Idris permalink

    Ron Wyatt’s discoveries are not all true. But in the case of Mt Sinai, I tend to agree with Ron Wyatt. The present Mt Sinai in Egypt is not correct. The site was identified by Helena, mother of Constantine, with the help of a clairvoyant. The real Mt Sinai is in Midian, and it is also known as Mt Horeb. This is the resident place of Jethro. It was in Arabia. The Exodus route points to this place. But there are numerous theories on this. I agree on two routes that eventually lead to Mount Sinai above the valley of Sur, one route to the north crossing the Gulf of Aqaba, the other further south at the confluence of Gulf Aqaba and the Red Sea. I prefer the southern route. I am convinced that Ron Wyatt’s findings on the real Mt Sinai are true.

    • Hi Dr Idris, pray tell us which discoveries of Ron Wyatt’s are not true. We would like to be enlightened. Thank you.

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