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Quarantine – What is the end game?

April 14, 2020

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* ”Our men are fvcking us too much” – Ghanaian women plead with Nana Addo to end the lockdown

After reading dozens of articles and research papers on the Covid-19 virus pandemic, I find inconsistencies in the medical advice and government goals. The major issue facing all Americans was the quarantine – to supposedly protect each other from the virus infection. We are told this was to separate the infected from the non-infected, and allow the infected to recover or die, and the uninfected to come out of quarantine and continue on with their lives in good health. At the same time, the medical officials tell us that this “new” virus will come back in wave after wave, and actually be a part of the spectrum of flu pathogens that we’ll deal with from now on.

That means that those that were quarantined now will face the virus again in a few months, even years – and the rest of their lives. Since that is the case, why are we being quarantined then?!? This does not make sense. If we are all eventually going to get infected at some time in the future, who are we protecting while we are being quarantined?

In addition to that, what good is the testing going to do if everyone will get the virus in the next few years anyway? If those that had the virus already, why test them? If those that don’t have the virus can’t infect those that already had it, why test them? None of this makes sense.

The truth is there are several flu virus strains under the umbrella of being called a “Corona” virus. The only difference in Covid-19 is the fact it has been DNA engineered in a bio-lab. This has been documented by professionals in their field. And, once it was released it started to mutate from one person to the next, which is exactly how the other viruses operate as well. What we are dealing with then, is simply another variation of the corona virus that will continue to sweep the planet every season – like they have been doing for over a century. As the virus mutates, like the other strains, the vaccine used the year before WILL NO WORK. By the time they find and test the latest mutated virus they DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO CREATE AN EFFECTIVE VACCINE.

That brings us back to square one, we are simply dealing with the same corona spectrum of viruses with only slightly different mutations and NO vaccine has been developed to deal with a flu strain if it is not the correct DNA strain for the current year. The medical officials and the government have duped the public into thinking flu shots protect them from the flu. That is simply not true. There is a 50% chance of getting the flu each year without a shot, and after the shot there is a 50% chance of getting the flu. There is no advantage to getting the flu shot. It is nothing less than a big scam. Why? Because the medical system uses the flu strain from LAST year to create millions of shots for the current year, and that strain is no longer spreading in society!

If they can develop quicker vaccine creation times, the effectiveness of inoculations may change in the future. Even if that happens, there is the constant mutating of a virus to deal with as well – which means how effective will the vaccination be with a strain that is constantly mutating? The medical officials may say : “Well, it may not be an exact DNA match, but it will help some”. Those doctors, they are real comedians. Have you heard the saying that being “close” doesn’t work unless it is in horseshoes or hand grenades? It applies in this case. A woman is not “close” to being pregnant or not “exactly” pregnant – she is either pregnant or not. A vaccine works or it doesn’t. Period.

What has happened to our nation and the world is a manufactured hysteria against another flu virus that is not even as deadly as the strains we already deal with. But, the world has been shut down, lives and jobs put on hold, and people anxiously, fearfully are huddling in their homes waiting until the government gives them permission to come out and go back to their normal lives. As that is taking place, the government is working out the details on how to bail out the banks and corporations that were already failing before the outbreak happened.

In my opinion, that is the major reason for this fabricated event. Look for the motive and you’ll find half the answer. The next step is the FED will print more funny money and hand it out to all the citizens so they can keep eating and paying some of their bills. Imagine how long you could play Monopoly if every time you run out of money you had a copier to print up more money for you and keep playing the game. In effect, that is what they are doing right now. But, hey, if it works, go with it right? That is what they did in 2008 and it appeared to work then and it looks like they will repeat that process to achieve the same outcome. Unfortunately, this time the financial and economic collapse is many times larger and there is no guarantee the “helicopter dropped” money will work this time.

We are now in the beginning of a depression, larger than the one in 1929. This time we have the support systems to keep families in their homes and keep them fed. So, in this respect it is not comparable to the Great Depression of 1929, so far. But, if they keep people held as prisoners in their homes for too long, then the system as we know it will start to collapse, including available food supplies.

Let’s put things into perspective: This is not the black plague of the dark ages, this is not a new small pox plague, this is not ebola – this is just another corona flu virus that has an even lower death rate than the strains we face every year. THAT IS THE TRUTH. That means the reaction to this flu virus has been blatantly and criminally over blown. This is obvious by their own statistics and statements.

Soon the government will start announcing when they will re-open society probably around May 1st, but I feel it should have started sooner. To wait any further than that will be total insanity and only exacerbate the problem. Tens of millions of Americans are healthy and wanting to go back to work – what possible purpose does it serve to quarantine them at home when in fact they will get the corona virus at some time in the future anyway?

As a nation we have been deceived, duped, herded into our homes like so much cattle and then held in captivity an indefinite amount of time. What’s wrong with this picture? This is nothing less than a social engineering program on a massive scale. It is the ultimate dream come true for the globalists that were searching for the ideal disaster to exploit so they could implement draconian controls over human lives.

These actions are unconstitutional, destroy our freedoms and liberties, and directly overthrows our Republic. This event has proven just how compliant this current society is to this manipulation. We swallowed the lies hook, line and sinker, then voluntarily locked ourselves into prison cells and then sat down and stared out the barred windows waiting for the prison warden to send us food – or tell us when we can we go back to work.

It is a grand deception from start to finish. But it won’t end there. They will play this card from now on, year after year – announcing a national hysteria again and again to manage the population until it is thinned down, dumb downed and reorganized into an even more compliant populace, the likes of which we cannot now imagine.

George Eaton


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