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Von Greyerz: The world will never be the same

May 4, 2020

* About 1/5 of all jobs in U.S. already gone, and this economic depression is just 6 weeks old
The crisis won’t stop until the globalists are removed from power
* Minister gives insightful overview of Flu Virus Exploitation by Global Socialists to establish a New World Order
* Bigger than Watergate shock to the conscience collides with military operation to overthrow Trump  

In this interview Egon von Greyerz explains to Paul Eberhart of SilverDoctors that the combination of the Coronavirus and the coming economic depression will change the world forever.

We are now going towards a hyperinflationary depression that will eventually lead to a deflationary depression.

The next couple of years will not be a pretty picture and many people will suffer.

It has been too easy with governments and central banks printing money that has given an illusory high standard of living.

But the world will now discover that printed money has no value and that you can’t solve a debt problem with more debt.

Although times will be hard, there are always opportunities for people who are willing to work hard. As long as you don’t depend on worthless printed money and bankrupt governments.

Egon’s message has been consistent for 20 years. The risks in the world are unprecedented due to the massive debt and asset bubbles and wealth preservation in the form of physical gold and silver is essential. Gold and silver are dramatically undervalued and very soon it will be impossible to buy precious metals at these prices.

Other areas covered by Egon and Paul:

  • Every single hyperinflationary event in history came as a result of the debasement of currency
  • Disconnect between paper market vs physical market in oil and gold
  • Why you shouldn’t buy gold ETFs
  • How does real estate compare to gold and silver?

Watch this interview to learn the answers to these questions and more.


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