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Queen Victoria’s secret: Führer Adolf Hitler was her grandson!

May 7, 2020

Nazi idealogue Houston Steward Chamberlain was the real father of the Führer and Klara Hanover was the mother of the monster!

* Sir John Conroy was the real father of Queen Victoria!
* Winston Churchill saved the life of cousin Adolf Hitler!
* In 2016, the Brown Brothers Harriman and Rockefeller trillions united to put Hillary Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman Clinton in the White House! 

Führer Adolf Hanover/ Hitler (1889–1962). Führer from 1933 to 1945.

By Patrick Scrivener, Reformation Online

In 1868, Queen Victoria made a top secret trip to Switzerland, accompanied by her “personal servant” named “John Brown.” That “John Brown” was in fact a great-grandson of warming pan plot James Francis Edward Stuart. Stuart is sometimes spelled Stewart or Steward.

The “royal” club is the most exclusive in the world because membership is only by birth or marriage. Queen Victoria would never romp in the heather, or cavort in the Highlands with a lowly “commoner.”

In 1714, George I became the first king of the British Hanoverian dynasty. Queen Anne had 18 children, but not one of them survived to inherit the throne!

Because of the 1688 warming pan plot, Catholics were prohibited from ruling Britannia, so the Hanover dynasty was imported from Germany in 1714.

To Americans, the best known monarch of that dynasty was good King George III.

The real name of the infamous man known to the world as Adolf Hitler is Adolf Hanover. He was a grandson of Queen Victoria, and was born in Austria on April 20, 1889.

The Duke of Winsor and Adolf Hanover/ Hitler in Nazi Germany, October 1937.

The present British Royal Family is called the House of Windsor. Until 1917, that dynasty was called the House of Hanover, or Saxe-Coberg Gotta. Saxe-Coberg Gotta was added when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coberg Gotta in 1837.

In 1917, Winston Churchill ordered King V to change his surname from Hanover to Windsor!

By 1917, World War I was a stalemate, and Winston Churchill desperately wanted the U.S. to declare war on his cousin “Kaiser Bill.” He knew that many Americans were aware of the fact that “Kaiser Bill” was a grandson of Queen Victoria. Anti-British feelings were still intense in the country after the brutal war against the Boers in South Africa.

King George V (1865 –1936). King from 1910 to 1936.

King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm, and Tsar Nicholas II were cousins. They were the protagonists in the worldwide conflict known as World War I.

Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859–1941). Reigned from 1888 to 1918.

In August 1914, “Kaiser Bill” launched a massive invasion of France and he expected to be in Paris in 40 days.

“Lunch in Paris, dinner in St. Petersburg” the boasful Kaiser quipped!

Unexpectedly, Tsar Nicholas II mobilized his forces faster than “Dead Head” expected.

Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke was fearful of the prospect of Russian troops entering Berlin while he entered Paris. As a result, he lost his nerve, and moved as many as 275,000 soldiers back to East Prussia. Here is an account of that history-changing event from “Kaiser Bill’s” cousin Winston Churchill:

And at that culminating moment the Russian pressure began to produce substantial effects. Honour must ever be done to the Tsar and Russian nation for the noble ardour and loyalty with which they hurled themselves into the war. A purely Russian treatment of their military problem would have led the Russian armies into immediate withdrawal from their frontiers until the whole of their vast mobilization was completed. Instead of this, they added to a forward mobilization an impetuous advance not only against Austria but against Germany. The flower of the Russian Army was soon to be cut down in enormous battles in East Prussia. But the results of their invasion were gathered at the decisive point. The nerve of the German Headquarters failed. On August 25 two army corps and cavalry of the German right were withdrawn from France. On August 31 Lord Kitchener was able to telegraph to Sir John French “Thirty-two trains of German troops were yesterday reported moving from the western field to meet the Russians.” (Churchill, The World Crisis 1911–1918, p. 147).

That withdrawal of troops from France caused “Dead Head” to fire von Moltke a few months later. As revenge for saving Christian civilization from the Prussians, Tsar Nicholas II was titaniced just 4 years later.

By 1939, the music of Richard Wagner, and spectacular military parades, had morphed the fainthearted Prussians into SUPERMEN!



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