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What most probably happened with the explosions in Beirut port, Lebanon

August 6, 2020

A take-out of ‘hidden’ ammonium nitrate for bombs making

* Beirut Blast: How does yield of 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate compare against Halifax explosion, Hiroshima bombing?
* Satellite images reveal horrifying scale of destruction in Beirut harbour where at least 135 were killed and thousands left wounded as warehouse is wiped off the map and buildings flattened by blast that had the power of a small nuke
* Amir Tsarfati: Middle East Update, August 4, 2020
* First, the sonic boom. Seconds later, a fireball … then our vast windows flew across the room like feathers: TV veteran BRENT SADLER sends a dramatic despatch from his home, less than a mile from ground zero 

A mushroom cloud was seen in the sky after a massive blast in Beirut on Tuesday

It was reported …

It was an arms depot.
Missiles from Iran.
First, the warheads were destroyed. Listen to them going off.

More details at this thread

More circumstantial evidence that the explosion in the Beirut port was deliberate …

More details at this thread


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