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I just want to be a Malaysian

September 3, 2020

I want the right to not be linked to any political factions, any political ideologies, any racial, religious, or ethnic centric groups. No NGO’s for me. No State affiliations. I just want to be a Malaysian. At most, I will stand up proud and tell you guys that I am a product of MCKK. The MCKK of the early 1960s under the late NJ Ryan – the last expatriate to be headmaster of MCKK. If my memory serves me right, religion was then just another subject together with Geography, History, Mathematics, and the other subjects that were taught to us then by teachers of all hue, color, and ethnicity. And the fiercest of these teachers were the Chinese and Indians who thought nothing of telling us Malays to shape up or be ready to be disciplined.

And when mistakes were made by us, they made us feel so small that you wished the earth would open up and swallowed you! And if you did wrong there is detention class and caning to be had at the hands of Mr. NJ Ryan. At no time did I remember any of us Malay students banding together to see what we could do about those non-Malay teachers who were treating us like … like … a teacher should! At no time did we think we could do anything about having NJ Ryan, put in his place as a non-Malay who was treating us like … a student should be treated!. We were students and they were our teachers and there was order, structure, and fairness in our world in MCKK then. And we are the better for it all when we left MCKK to go out and live life in the real world. I want that world back. That is why I do not want to be linked to any political factions, any political ideologies, any racial, religious, or ethnic centric groups. No NGO’s for me. No State affiliations. I just want to be a Malaysian.

Is that at all possible in the Malaysia that we now have? A Malaysia where the most maddening, frustrating, and destructive criteria of who you are, is your ethnicity! Think about that! The thing that defines you most in Malaysia is R A C E. What has R A C E got to do with who you are? I was born a Malay over seventy-two years ago and in as far as I can remember of my life, I have never deliberately done anything to make myself more Malay than the Malay I already am. At school, primary, secondary, and tertiary, I never remembered attending any classes, or have any teacher taught me, nor read any books about being a Bumiputra or about Ketuanan Melayu. Never!

Today anywhere I go, everywhere I look, everything I read or listen to, in almost every conversation I have with anybody in Malaysia, or from Malaysia, somehow, invariably, irresistibly we are drawn towards the issue of race. For it seems that nothing gets done until the matter of your race is confirmed. If you are a Malay then you do not have to go straight to jail. You can possibly collect RM$200 for just being a Malay and, you get a ‘Get Out of Jail’ card for free. And what happens if you are not a Malay? Sorry guys I am a Malay and I have never ever had to go through that experience before. So what do I care?

Well here is the problem for me … because I do care! And increasingly, so do many many other Malays!

The time for turning a blind eye or just shutting out the woes and tribulations of Malaysians who are not getting a fair go because they are not Malays is over and done with for one simple reason. Malays now understand that for Malaysia and Malaysians to move forward towards a better Malaysia and a better future, we need each other. I start my mornings with these thoughts and I write with these thoughts too. That does not mean that I forget that I am a Malay. That does not mean that I forget that there are Malays who are disadvantaged and are in need of help to earn a decent living. All this about the Malays and more I also remember every day without fail, and as a Malay, I am mindful of what the Malays will have to do to be a good Malay and more important, to be good Malaysians. And all I can hope is for other Malaysians to also understand the dilemma the Malays are now in.

The Malays have had over six decades of two toxic Malay centric political entities: PAS and UMNO: two political entities that have done much too much to dumb down the Malays, divide and rule among the Malays, and do for themselves more than what they should have done for the Malays. Six decades of corruption, arrogance, plundering, and pillaging of our Tanah Air and you and I, we, need to be together and work together to make right what they have done wrong to our Tanah Air.

Now if only Tun Mahathir, Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Mat Sabu, Lim Guan Eng, Syed Saddiq, Rafizi Ramli, Nurul Izzah, Maju Malaysia, all the Independents and anybody else in the opposition … if only they can all get their act together and form one united front to face off against this Back Door Government aka Perikatan Nasional aka Muafakat Nasional or whatever they choose to call themselves … if they can only do that, then maybe we too will be with them as we did in 2018 … and together take back our Tanah Air dalam masa terdekat!



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