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Admission of massive VOTER FRAUD right out of Creepy Joe’s mouth before the election

November 6, 2020

Trump has got to do what he’s got to do!

Arrest, Indict & Gitmo all those* involved!

* Fake News Media, Big Tech, Big Money, Deep State, Governors, Mayors, Attorney Generals, FBI Agents, CIA Operatives, Judges, Sheriffs, Poll Counters, Politicians, etc.

“We have put together, I think, the most extensive
and inclusive voter fraud organization in
the history of American politics.” – Joe Biden

Creepy Joe to Michigan voters “I don’t need you to get me elected …”

Bernie Sanders predicted with unbelievable accuracy that Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will have issues on Election Day, especially with postal votes? How did he know?

Trump’s sting operation

ELECTION FRAUD: Illegal router connecting tabulation machines to internet discovered in Michigan

Voter FRAUD for Joe Biden EXPOSED in Detroit Michigan, Trump supporters NOT ALLOWED to Work Polls

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