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Chronology of major religions of the world, in light of Bible timeline

November 20, 2020

* Core belief of various sects & major religions of the world
* Irrefutable proof the God of the Bible is the God of mankind
* World’s greatest archaeological discovery proves accuracy, truthfulness and validity of the Bible 

* Jesus walked on Earth 2,000 years ago
* Is planet Earth 7,500 years old or billions of years old? 

5554 BC – (Creation / Genesis)

3898 -2948 BC – (Noah, died at 950 years old)

3298 BC – (The Great Flood. Noah was 500 years old when he was instructed by God to build the ark. It took him less than 75 years to complete the job. Noah’s ark was discovered by Ron Wyatt in June 20, 1987 on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey.)

2850 BC – (Nimrod at 375 years old built Tower of Babel in Shinar /Babylon, which was in modern day Iraq, population then was estimated to be 12 million people. Lived 3225 -c. 2725 BC, life span was 500 years. Great-grandson of Noah, grandson of Ham, son of Cush. It was noted he built the first pyramids, because he was angry God destroyed Tower of Babel. Killed by his granduncle Shem for idolatry and marrying his mother. Body was cut into pieces and his parts sent into all the cities of the earth.)

c. 2700 BC – (More pyramids built)

2500 BC Chinese writing had already encoded ‘Genesis events’ in their pictograms. Note: There is no evidence of any pre-Flood written language.

2166 BC – (Abraham born)

2067 BC – (Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed)

2066 -1886 BC – (Isaac, died at 180 years old)

2006 BC – (Jacob born)

1991 BC – (Abraham died at 175 years old)

1916 BC – (Joseph born)

1899 BC – (Joseph at 17 years old was sold as slave by his half-brothers to the Ismaelites who in turn sold him in Egypt to Pharaoh’s guard Potiphar, during the reign of Pharaoh Sesostris l of Dynasty 12)

1886 BC – (Joseph at about 30 years old was made ruler of Egypt by Pharaoh AMENEMHAT ll of Dynasty 12)

1879 -1872 – (7 Years of Famine)

1876 BC – (Jacob, father of Joseph, at 130 years old he and his household moved to Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh AMENEMHAT ll)

1859 BC – (Jacob died at 147 years old during the reign of Pharaoh AMENEMHAT ll)

1806 BC – (Joseph died at 110 years old, during the reign of Pharaoh AMENEMHAT lll)

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1532 -1511 BC – (2nd Pharaoh of Dynasty 18 of Egypt AMUNHOTEP I. Killed Hebrew children. 1st Pharaoh was AHMOSES l 1557 -1532 BC, after the death of his brother and he was only 10 years old. 3rd Pharaoh was THUTMOSES l 1511 -1493 BC. 4th Pharaoh was THUTMOSES ll 1498 -1485 BC. Egyptian Dynasty 1 began in 2750 BC. King DJOSER of Dynasty 3 built the Stepped Pyramid with hieroglyphs in 2660 BC. The Great Pyramid at Giza was built by King KHUFU, 2nd king of Dynasty 4 in 2580 -2560 BC.)

1526 BC – (Moses adopted by HATSHEPSUT, daughter of 3rd Pharaoh THUTMOSES I and principal wife of THUTMOSES ll)

1500 BC –  Hinduism, Vedas written in Sanskrit

1486 BC – (Moses at 40 years old escaped to Midian during the reign of his adopted mother HATSEPSUT, after killing an Egyptian who was beating Hebrew slaves)

1466 BC – (Joshua born)

1446 BC – (The Exodus, Moses at 80 years old led the Israelites out of Egypt from slavery during reign of 5th Pharaoh THUTMOSES III 1485 -1431 BC. HATSHEPSUT continued as 5th Pharaoh of Egypt, second female pharaoh (first was SOBEKNEFERU). Ruled as co-regent 1485 -1464 BC.)

1446 -1406 BC – Judaism, Moses wrote down Torah (first 5 books of the Bible) in Hebrew. (It was also during the early part of this 40-year period when God instructed Moses to build the Ark of the Covenant. It is the Throne of God on Earth and it contains the two tables of stone of the Ten Commandments written by the finger of God. Ron Wyatt discovered the Ark of the Covenant in 1982 in a chamber located below Golgotha hill, where Jesus was crucified in 33 AD. An attempt to bring out the Ark had been met with tragic deaths of six rabbis. The Israeli authority had sealed the chamber and the Ark remains there while being protected by 4 angels. According to Ron, one of the angels told him that the Ark will only be shown to the world when the ‘Sunday law’ comes into effect.)

1406 BC – (Moses died at 120 years old on Mount Nebo in modern day Jordan)

1356 BC – (Joshua died at 110 years old)

1052 BC – (Saul at 30 years old became first king of Israel)

1040 BC – (David born)

1025 BC – (David at 15 years old anointed king, killed Goliath)

1010 BC – (Saul died at 62 years old)

1003 BC – (David at 37 years old became king of Israel, died at 70 years old)

999 BC – (Solomon born)

970 BC – (Solomon at 29 years old became king of Israel)

960 BC – (First temple completed, took 6 years to build)

931 BC – (Solomon died at 69 years old)

551 -479 BC – Confucianism

c. 538 BC – Shinto

520 BC – Buddhism

483 BC – Zoroastrianism

400 /300 BC – Taoism

33 AD – Christianity (Jesus crucified & resurrected)

70 -100 AD – (New Testament written in Greek – Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John written. Bible was completed in 96 AD.)

c. 570 -632 AD – Islam (claimed Jesus was never crucified). The Quran in Arabic was first compiled into a book in the time of the first caliph Abu Bakr in 610 AD. As the Islamic empire began to grow, and differing recitations were heard in far-flung areas, the Quran was recompiled for uniformity in recitation circa 644 -656 AD.

1469 – Sikhism 

1844 – Bahai

1859 – (Darwinism /Evolution)

1871 – Animism

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