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America is under attack!

November 23, 2020

Trump and millions of Americans will defend this nation from takeover

* “Georgia is the first state I’m going to blow up and Mr. Kemp and the Secretary of State need to go with it!” — Sidney Powell releases the Kraken! (video)
Health Ranger Report SITUATION UPDATE, Nov. 21 – How the MASS ARRESTS will go down

By George Eaton
Sunday, 22-Nov-2020

If Trump does not win this election, MILLIONS of patriotic Americans will be ready, willing and able to go to war. No amount of existing Antifa and BLM mobs will be able to stand up to them. Trump has already set up the legal and Constitutional means to defend his election win.

Keep in mind that the reality – Trump DID win the election. He knows it, and millions of other Americans know it. Whatever the main stream media says to the contrary is a bold-faced lie. Don’t believe their spin.

They are desperately trying to lie their way to a victory. It won’t work. They are failing on a daily basis. They are trying to keep people locked down in their homes to prevent the defense of the Republic, and they are failing miserably.

As the exposure of fraud and vote rigging is revealed the dam is breaking and the news media will have to cover their back side to survive the blow back. But it will be too late – heads will roll, ratings will plummet, new trusted and unbiased news companies will emerge.

When Trump is shown to be the winner, a massive panic will hit the anarchists and BLM Marxists. They won’t merely protest, they will turn to violence as they have proven to do time and time again. They don’t want to be a part of our democratic Republic of voting legally for leaders. They want to destroy those they disagree with and rule by force. They want to eliminate their enemies, who are the millions of god fearing, patriotic Americans that stand for family values, the rule of law and the Constitution.

To look at the mindset of Trump and his followers, we must realize they have already concluded that he won, and any actions taken against that reality will be resisted on a national scale, even to the use of guns to defend this nation from insurrection and anarchy. To them this is a Constitutional issue, it is the defense of the Republic. Trump believes he received 80 million votes, and any attempt to invalidate this election win is, in his opinion and millions of American patriots, a communist coup to take down this nation.

Trump already has formulated and organized the grassroots movement to defend this action. This is not hyperbole or wild speculation; this is the obvious reality of the situation in the nation at this time. I am not advocating violence of any kind; I am merely pointing out the facts as I see them today.

Trump will not back down, and neither will the millions of followers and defenders that believe in defending America. Anything the news media does now and for the next few weeks means nothing to Trump and his followers. All negative actions against Trump will eventually be met with 100% resistance and force.

Even IF the Supreme Court rules against his case, which is highly unlikely, he will not abide by their ruling. It will be looked at as simply another part of the socialist change agent’s coup actions.

At that point the military will have a choice, either back Trump, the real winner of the election or stand down and wait, or try to arrest Trump.

Since there are so many connections between the 80 million patriots that voted for Trump and the military – they will NOT take up arms against Trump. They may stay neutral, but it is more likely they will back Trump and the American citizens that put their lives on the line to defend the integrity of the voting process and the legally elected Commander in Chief.

Once the momentum of this movement is aligned with “Trump and millions of American’s patriotic stand,” a new mentality and environment will be recognized in the nation – that a blatant coup was perpetrated and soundly rejected and now things will move forward against any and all elements of that coup and its supporters.

What I’ve just described is an opinion and observation of what might happen. I don’t know what will actually happen. But one thing is certain, things will not go back to the way they were in December of 2019. Our economy is teetering on collapse and nations are threatening to go to war around the world – all while we are irrationally and unconstitutionally being held captive inside our homes because of a over exaggerated, exploited flu virus.

Trump and the patriots want normalcy back again. They are not trying to overthrow the government, but rather they’re trying to preserve the Constitutional Republic and the Christian European culture we have been raised in. They aren’t offensive or aggressive like enemy insurgents, they are purely defensive in nature. The socialist enemies will vilify and demonize the intentions of the patriots, but that’s nothing more than lies and propaganda, and should to be rejected as falsehoods with an obvious agenda.

Right now, the major news media has the big megaphone to influence the public, but that won’t always be the case. We have to look beyond the lies and visualize the truth.

We still have several more weeks to go to the key time of Dec. 14th, when the electors are slated to vote. A court case in front of the Supreme Court also needs to take place during this time frame. And it is anyone’s guess what direction that will take.

There is a possibility if the votes come up on Dec. 14th, and no Supreme Court ruling happened, and the electors vote in Biden, that Trump would then admit defeat.

But, Trump would have to be convinced there was no Constitutional way to remain in office for him to concede at that point. However, as it stands right now, there are too many options to know for sure what will happen.

It is possible that because of the news coverage of the election fraud – the electors will swing their votes for Trump in the states where there was massive fraud. If not, then Trump loses that vote. This is assuming that the Supreme Court did not hear a case from Trump, or they ruled against him already.

Trump will stay engaged in the election process as long as he knows he is being treated fairly and is standing for the constitutional process. If there was overwhelming evidence that he is not supported by the electors or the courts, he won’t hang onto power as a dictator. That isn’t his style. But that entire scenario doesn’t look likely to me. As things stand now, there are numerous options for Trump to win and the tide is turning in the president’s favor.

What would cause Trump to keep fighting? The situation that would cause Trump to fight on and stay as president is this: if there is overwhelming evidence of massive fraud in multiple states that was not corrected by the state courts or the Supreme Court. Then and only then would he consider staying in office to defend the people’s vote for him. He feels like he has a contract of trust with 80 million voters that voted for him. And if it is possible to defend their rights, that is what he will do. He will not abandon them if there’s a legal and constitutional way to serve a second term.

But for now, it is extremely important to stop watching the major mainstream news shows. They lie to the people every day. They misrepresent the truth by their tone, attitude and the substance of what they say. It is not even close to the truth. I NEVER watch abc nbc and cbs news.

People that do are brainwashed and programmed and live in another world of a socialist mindset. They speak another language and cannot be reached. Their views and conclusions are warped. They walk around like zombies in a hypnotic trance. Seriously, DO NOT WATCH THE MAIN STREAM NEWS MEDIA. Find alternatives.

George Eaton


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