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The difference between a man and a PERSON or YOU

November 25, 2020

* The difference between a man and a PERSON or YOU (pdf) 
* How to go to court as i, a man … NOT as a PERSON or YOU (twin post)
* Why is your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS?  

created man
so man is under God;
man created government
so government is under man;
government created person
so person is under government.

Go to court as a man
instead of as a person or you – man wins!

By default, ALL courts are statutes or statutory courts (dealing in codes aka legalese) and they only have JURISDICTION over a person, and ABSOLUTELY NO JURISDICTION over a man. When you (a person) know how to FLIP your status from a person to a man  IN  AT court, man will win his case.

* Appear in court as a man! The Karl Lentz method worked for me!

The UnKommonlawUnKommonlaw (UK) ; Karl Lentz’s Blog ; Court Of Record; Karl Lentz’s YouTube ChannelTalkShoe Radio – Uncommonlaw by Karl

Updated Nov 24, 2020 (First published Apr 17, 2014)

A man (woman inclusive) is a living, breathing human being created by God. God is the ‘owner’ of man. Therefore God’s law, which is natural law (progressively known as > law of the land > peoples’ law > common law) applies to man.

A PERSON is a lifeless ‘legal fiction’ – a walking dead – created by government which is a corporation. In fact that PERSON is thou with thy name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. And since corporation is the ‘owner’ of PERSON, the law of the corporation i.e. its statutes and its codes will therefore apply to PERSON. (By the way, to capitalize means to take advantage of and as a person thou is certainly being taken advantage of and they tell it straight to thy face!)

Corporation law is essentially Maritime (Commercial) law, also known as law of the sea [or, as another variant for military purpose – Admiralty (Martial) law] and it deals with everything that has to do with commerce and contracts through legalese in the form of statutes /policies /rules /regulations /guidelines /acts /ordinances /codes as in Acts of Parliament, Charters, Enactments, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), etc.

(Note: The word “corpse” means a “dead body.” The word “corporation” is derived from “corpse.” As much as a corporation is a lifeless legal fiction, a PERSON created by a corporation is similarly a lifeless “legal fiction” referred to also as a “walking dead.” This is exactly why a PERSON when appearing in a statutes court MUST be represented by an attorney (to “attorn” means to “turn over [something] to someone else”) – for a dead person CANNOT speak but turn over that responsibility to his representative his attorney to do it for him!

Common law in its simplest form acknowledges man has God-given inherent, immutable and inalienable rights – man’s Creator has provided everything that man needs and God has given man dominion over all His creations. At a certain time in history when man asked God for a king, that too God has provided man. That’s why man and the land and man’s king (or queen if she’s the ruler) are ONE INDIVISIBLE under God.

So how do thou a man also become a PERSON? By what process?

Thou (singular for plural ye (subject) or you (object) become a PERSON the moment thou is born and is issued with a Birth Certificate by the incorporated government, where thy name first appears in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Through this simple process of incorporation, thou a man is “taken advantage of” and conveniently binded together with thy PERSON – a “legal fiction.” All done by merely creating a piece of document! Thus, this enjoined identity of thou a man and thou a PERSON henceforth can then be deceptively referred to as ‘YOU’, a plural word.

Now YOU know why the word ‘thou’ has been dropped from our vocabulary by the corporation, telling us that it is an archaic, ancient and old-fashioned word and therefore no longer used. But the corporation lies, and always does – more so these days and right to our face, too!. The corporation deceives man all the time because the corporation always has ulterior motives.

Notice how since thy Birth Certificate has been issued, ALL ‘official’ documents that follow thereafter pertaining to thy name it always appears in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS? (If thou has not noticed, go check thy national identity card, passport, library card, school certificate, university degree, driving licence, social security card, marriage certificate, insurance policy, utility bill, bank account, cheque book, bank card, credit card, etc.)

Following are two main reasons why thou a man has been issued a name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and turned into a PERSON and referred to as YOU …

First: it is to take advantage of thee by diminishing thy status as a natural man and make thee a property of the corporation as a ‘legal fiction.’ As the corporation’s property, thou a man can then be subjected to the corporation’s laws and be traded in the stock market, too.

Second: It is to deceive thee and portray that ‘thou a man’ and thy ‘PERSON’ are one and the same and that it is the norm. This is wicked … because by making thou believe that it is the way things are through long-term programming, brain-washing and indoctrination, the corporation has successfully deceived thee – and concealed from thee – thy true identity. By this process, thou a man is completely stripped of thy power and be at the mercy of the corporation when thou unthinkingly respond to the reference ‘YOU’.

Thou a natural or common man with inherent, immutable and inalienable rights from God and thou a Legal Person with privileges from the corporation are NOT ONE AND THE SAME. They are in fact two completely direct opposites and must not be confused nor forgotten!

Remember, ALL statutes and codes (legalese) apply only to PERSON; not to man. Corporations have no power or JURISDICTION over man because man is created by and is directly under his Creator God; whereas corporations (‘legal fictions’ themselves created by man) are under the jurisdiction of man.

To help foist the deception that man is under the jurisdiction of corporations, PERSON is necessarily created and be ‘legally binded’ to man through the use of the plural word ‘YOU’. What corporations do may not be lawful, but whatever they do can become legal through their statutes and codes that they also call ‘laws’.

Notice every time a man goes to court, the judge will always, always begin by ordering the man to state his name?

It is true the judge (he/she) does this to ensure that the man standing before him is the correct PERSON he would be adjudicating, to avoid passing judgement on an innocent person. But it is more sinister than just establishing “we have the correct person IN court answering to the charge at hand.”

It is also a trick to ESTABLISH JURISDICTION … and to get a man to identify himself as a PERSON so that the judge (an employee of the corporation) can have power and control over ‘you’. Once he has established JURISDICTION over ‘you‘, (which also means he has established that thou a man is also a member of the corporation’s society) then he can proceed to apply the laws of the corporation on ‘you’.

The moment a man says his name without first stating “i am a man”, that employee of the corporation wearing black (called mourning robe because the judge is performing a ‘ritual’ over a ‘dead PERSON) and wearing funny wig (to hide his evil deeds from God) will take it to mean that thou a man has given thy consent to be legally binded to thy PERSON, and therefore he who is ‘acting’ as judge can now do his job … as an actor!

William Shakespeare knew what he was alluding to when he wrote the monologue in ‘As You Like It’: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players (or actors)….”

The smart thing to do when a man is  IN  AT court is to always, always identify himself first asi am a man: John Doeand behave and talk (never use legalese please and keep it simple!) as a simple, common man, and the court will NOT BE ABLE TO PROCEED. Because the court has not established jurisdiction, the court CANNOT have jurisdiction over thou a man and the corporation’s statutes and codes CANNOT be applied on thou a man.

*IN court = means you as a PERSON is a member of the court (society /institution /corporation) system and therefore its statutes and codes, known as legalese, can be applied on you.
*AT court = means thou as a man is merely ‘visiting’ the court and is NOT a member of the society and therefore its legalese CANNOT be applied on thee.

The judge will try to use his skill in the play of words (and he is very good at it because of his training) to trick thee to somehow agree that thou is a PERSON. Thou must not fall for the trick, and must be alert and be vigilant at all times.

The judge would try to say something like this to thee so thou would unthinkingly acknowledge to him in the affirmative /positive … like “State your name, please.” Or, “Please state your full name for the record.” Or, “Are you not [your name e.g. JOHN DOE] JOHN DOE who is IN court today?” Or, “Is it correct you are JOHN DOE responding to this summons?”

(Note: a summons is merely an ‘invitation to come‘ and nothing more. So don’t get upset, worried or anxious unnecessarily. And as a responsible man thou would want to know what thou has done wrong to harm or injureanother man so that thou can settle with him/her when the matter is FULLY CLARIFIED and  certified  VERIFIED in a trial by jury in open court.)

* Certify – ANY PERSON can CERTIFY something e.g. a claim, an application or a contract, etc.
* Verify – ONLY a man or a woman who has first-hand knowledge (physically present at the time to witness the action) of the claim or the application or the contract, etc., can VERIFY the claim or application or contract.

So be alert and stand your ground as a simple, common man by always, always refer to thyself asi am a man: John Doe”  IN  AT court. And do not be pulled in and talk legalese which is the judge’s codes (which need to be DECIPHERED and a man certainly has no such expertise!) in his domain! Never try to get smart … talk simple and ask simple questions as a simpleton ‘idiot‘ would.

(The word ‘idiot’ in court has a totally different meaning and should a judge call thee “idiot” he has to drop whatever the case /claim /charge /complaint is against thee and allow thou to go home. *’Idiot’ in court means you are a private person working on your own behalf and you are NOT part of any society or profession. You are a person on your own and cannot be held accountable against yourself in court. It does NOT mean you are “stupid.”)

So next time thou receives a ‘summons or notice’ from a corporation (i.e. bank, law firm, police, court, company, local council, etc.), read that document carefully. The charge /claim /complaint contained therein always refers to ‘YOU’ while addressed to thy name as PERSON in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS – and remember thou is NOT ‘you’. Thou is a man!

‘YOU’ are ‘a man binded to your legal fiction PERSON‘. Thou must learn and know the difference, and UNBIND thyself from this enforced binding against thy will.

Thou must also learn how to separate the two, and know how to FLIP / SWITCH from a PERSON that had been deceitfully enforced upon thee at birth > back to a man, and avoid fraudulent liabilities.

Claim back thy status, standing, and, inherent, immutable and inalienable rights as a living, breathing man on land under God in a statutes court and invoke Queen’s Bench (applicable in all Commonwealth countries, which is Queen’s Court = peoples’ court = common law court of record = common law court > upholding common law). Thou a man will be freed of the corporation’s trickeries / frauds which had come into force all the way back about 350 years ago with the enactment of The Cestui Que Vie Trust Act 1666 in Britain. (Cestui Que Vie is pronounced ‘cess-tooi kay vee’ and means ‘proof of life.’)

Also spend some time and find out about the difference between e.g. the nation Australia and the corporation AUSTRALIA INCORPORATED. Thou will be surprised what thou will learn and how the two different ‘Australia’ (one a sovereign nation; the other a corporation /country) impact thee.

In conclusion, man must know WHEN to be man for man’s advantage in taking care of life’s inconveniences that come along. Man has no choice but to live this DOUBLE LIFE – as man and as person /you – otherwise man would not be able to have a national identity card, go to school, go to college, drive a car, have social security, buy insurance, get a job, have a bank account, possess credit cards, apply for a passport, go on holidays, buy a house, get a bank loan, get married, own property, etc.

The smart thing to do is to know when to FLIP from person to man; man to person. Do take some time to understand the subject, think the process through and play mind games. Let your learning sink in. Who knows one day this learning may come to be useful to yourself or perhaps you’ll be able to help your family, a loved one or friend and get out of a ‘sticky situation.’

Time to wake up, people. All is not as it seems. God bless.

See, acknowledging God as our Creator is to our great advantage! That is why governments /authorities everywhere are doing everything they can to get rid of God in our lives so they can play god and have control over us. Don’t ever let them succeed.

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