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Constitutional lawyer reveals Trump’s killshot to defeat voter fraud

December 11, 2020

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The Texas lawsuit is President Trump’s strongest case against election fraud because evidence can be introduced to the Supreme Court as it has original jurisdiction in disputes between the states.

But, according to constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes, the lawsuit isn’t even that dependent on evidence of fraud because it centers on the constitutionality of states changing their election laws without input from their legislatures.

This is why the suit is so strong; Texas and the other states that have joined the suit have the best legal standing to challenge violations by other states of the Electors Clause provision.

“There’s nobody really better equipped to do that than the states, because the states are the original parties to the Constitutional contract,” Barnes said. “…The whole point of the Constitution is that we [the states] are going to agree when we pick the president that all of our state sovereigns are going to agree to abide by the same set of rules.”

“What happened here is that some states decided that they weren’t going to abide by those rules because they wanted to help Biden win.”

Up to 20 states may join the suit, Barnes added.

“This is about whether our constitutional compact will be enforced our not, because everybody agreed that the state legislatures would set the rules and that any election would be done with due process & equal protection, but a bunch of states decided they weren’t going to do that,” Barnes stated. “The best chance President Trump has is this Texas suit that’s been well-crafted and well-drafted.”

“The big question is whether the Supreme Court and ultimately Congress has the courage to uphold the Constitution in the midst of this incredible crisis.”


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