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Ark witness: Christ kingdom coming soon

December 25, 2020

* The Ark of the Covenant – 1. THE BEGINNING (Ark Files episode 1)

The Ark of the Covenant (Throne of God on Earth) was discovered by Ron Wyatt on Jan 6, 1982 in a chamber directly below Golgotha, the site where Jesus was crucified. The find had great ramification and the news had to be suppressed … it’s not time yet for the Ark to be shown to the world, not until the ‘Mark of the Beast law’ has come into effect apparently, as told to Ron by one of the four angels guarding the Ark. In 1995 six rabbis were tragically struck dead in a passage-way while making their way to bring out the Ark. In the end the Israeli authority of antiquities had no choice but to seek Ron’s help to retrieve the corpses. The chamber had since been sealed off by the Israeli authority.

9. THE ARK AND THE THIRD TEMPLE (Ark Files episode 9)

12. Question 2: When was the Ark hidden or removed from the temple?

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