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Amir Tsarfati: Middle East Update: Saudi Arabia or Turkey: Which one will Israel choose?

January 2, 2021

Amir Tsarfati: Covid Vaccines, Faith, and The End Times


From → World Watch

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Stop drinking the koolade, Amir. Trump lost fair and square…if America is to decline in the end Trump has done his part… single handed plunging us into an economic chaos spending trillions, throwing us into utter confusion with the virus. He knows nothing of science as you do not. So, please don’t comment on something you know nothing of. So, your DNA is changed, many things can harm your DNA…did you know that God has so marvelously made us that He put in place a mechanism for DNA to repair itself? I am a believer since childhood, I was born in 1942. Our church had a study on Revelation in 1948. I have grown up that is the ” North Star “of prophesy and I have been watching prophesies fulfilled ever since. I appreciate your “news” up dates on world events. But I am absolutely baffeled by your support of such and ungodly man like Trump. He has fulfilled God’s purpose for him and now we look forward to what God has in mind next even if it is uncomfortable. So, stop following the conspiracy theorys , and then of all things reporting it as truth.
    Stick with what God has called you to you do that very well.

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