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Leaked evidence shows John Sullivan admitting to posing as Trump supporter while being let inside Capitol building

January 26, 2021

Leaked screenshots from director of Insurgence USA John Sullivan’s Discord server reveal that the far-left activist was let inside the Capitol building by law enforcement on Jan. 6 after dressing himself in a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) costume.

The radical revolutionary admitted to pretending to be a Trump supporter before gaining access to the halls of Congress. The “violence” that ensued was a staged false flag attack designed to frame conservatives as “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists” who need to be punished for their political beliefs.

Sullivan and his comrades openly admitted in what they thought were private correspondences that the plan was to don pro-Trump camouflage while being let inside the halls of Congress by complicit law enforcement. CNN was also a co-conspirator, having sent photojournalist Jade Sacker to document the faux breach.

One of Sullivan’s co-conspirators wrote on the Discord server that he “had to wear a Trump hat and shirtm [sic],” to which another responded that simply “[p]utting on a Trump hat does not make him blend in.”

“It makes him look like a well known activist who was attempting to instigate ‘antifa violence’ narrative,” this same individual further wrote.


The synthetic siege with all of its obviously staged elements was still enough to convince tens of millions of leftist Americans that Trump supporters are “terrorists,” though. Since the “attack,” more damage has been done to the conservative image than perhaps at any other time during the Trump presidency, which was clearly the goal.

It is undeniably factual that leftists committed insurrection at the Capitol, not Trump supporters

In another post, Sullivan himself was seen in a MAGA hat that, upon closer inspection, probably came from a street vendor rather than from the official President Donald Trump campaign website.


Yet another user in the same thread who calls himself “deaththreat” openly admitted that he was “in the front line of the battle” for the soul of the nation that day. This person “who was there personally,” in his own words, added that there “was a large sum of anti-Trumpers” inside the building pretending to be Trump supporters.

Still another admitted to goading on violence by encouraging posers to “counter protest” with weapons. In other words, it was leftists who came to the Capitol to commit violence, not Trump supporters as the fake news media and hordes of corrupt politicians continue to claim.

“Who ever is going to the counter protest (DC) on the 6th, bring a weapon with you,” this person clearly stated in the leaked conversation.


Another bombshell admission came from another participant who wrote that “[Cops] let us all inside,” meaning nobody had to break their way into the Capitol against the will of law enforcement. The police who were present there that day were complicit in the conspiracy, and obviously knew in advance what was going to happen.

“We disagree with your choice but respect your decision,” is what these cops told the insurrectionists before “just let[ting] them inside,” this person wrote.


Sullivan himself piped in all throughout the conversation to discuss “civil war” and “revolution” while posing with firearms. In the below photo, you can clearly see that Sullivan’s goal was to look like a terrorist, and he certainly succeeded.


After appearing on CNN to talk about the false flag with Anderson Cooper, Sullivan was arrested. Hopefully Kamala Harris will not call on her minions to have him bailed out in the name of social justice, seeing as how her skin tone roughly matches his.

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  1. Elizabeth Schneider permalink

    I clearly read there was going to be a ‘false flag’ In this January 6th gathering in DC! They WARNED Trump supporters to NOT go there and take your families as their was going to be chaos, violence and death!! I believe this Sullivan guy is a paid provacturver agitator employed by the FBI CIA or other entities!!

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