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Obama and his socialist cabal are running the White House, not brain-dead Biden

April 2, 2021

It is well known that Obama and his team, including Hillary Clinton, are the ones running policies and actions from the Whitehouse – not Joe Biden. Some are saying this is like a third term for Obama. The key players in top Whitehouse positions are those that worked in the Obama administration. Susan Rice, Antony Blinken and Jake Sullivan are prime examples, along with Hillary Clinton playing an unofficial role, so far.

Immediately after Obama was out of office he moved to Washington DC and set up a nonprofit political organization called Organizing For Change (OFA). Early on he was employing 32,000 ‘community organizers” which paralleled George Soros’ type organizations. Between the two groups and many more, it set up a pathway to overthrow the US Constitutional Republic.

Chief among their goals are to push for the economic dependence to the government and the outlawing of all guns. The other ultra-liberal goals are the destruction of the European family unit, (the weakening of the family unit weakens the nation) promoting gay and transgendered lifestyles, the promotion of “family planning” with the setting up of more abortion clinics as a depopulation program, to instill self-hatred in whites, to educate and place women in positions of government and business over white males, to degrade and demonize the founding fathers, to give reparations to Blacks, to open the borders to illegal aliens to create an economic and health system collapse and to re-educate white parents on their belief systems – and if they don’t adjust to the communist mindset, they will take their children from them permanently and the parents placed in mental hospitals like they did in the Soviet Union.

The goal of the conspirators is to sow discord and chaos on all levels of society. They promote the reversing of gender roles so they can destroy white male led families. They are turning the world upside down on purpose so their “eternal enemy” is forever expunged from society. In today’s world, the Order of Nature is disrespected and all things dark, unnatural and chaotic is promoted.

With enough research it can be proven that the setting up of the controlled voting computers has been connected to organizations and groups that are working towards the destruction of the American culture and the setting up of a socialist government. The democratic party has been taken over 100% and around 50% of the republicans are RINOS, (Republican In Name Only).

With the acceptance of a fraudulent election by US officials, America was overthrown and we are now living in an occupied nation. It remains to be seen if the military will go along with the new government’s mandates and agenda. This includes both domestic and foreign policies and actions.

Since the day Biden was inaugurated the new government wasted no time in pushing for a war with Russia. Top US officials began working with the European Union and NATO countries to set the stage for taking back Crimea and the two separatist areas in eastern Ukraine that rejected the illegal coup in 2014 (which was financed and organized by a George Soros group, with a cost of over $2 billion, plus another $ billion or more through US/NATO covert government operations)

As it stands now between both sides in eastern Europe, there are hundreds of thousands of troops pre-positioned for a war, along with tanks, thousands of military vehicles, artillery, and missiles. The main stream press has been nearly silent on this issue. But the fact remains that Putin and the Russians know exactly what is going on and what is at stake. The globalists have their sights set on weakening or taking down Russia so they can seize their natural resources and territory. Even communist China is salivating with eager anticipation on taking the eastern parts of Russia – once the Russians are neutralized.

To accomplish that globalist goal, the war could go nuclear. This is deadly serious. Make sure you have potassium iodide tablets on hand just in case.

Globalists Have Set The Stage For World War

The situation around the world is building towards a confrontation. I don’t see any signs of it subsiding. The idiots are working hard to start a war, and if they keep that up, they’ll get more than they bargained for.
Poking the bear is not a smart thing to do.

The political rhetoric coming out of Ukraine, Britain and the EU shows how tainted and bias their thinking is today. They are patting each other on the back and putting all the pieces in place to start a war. We are perilously close now, but it may linger this way as long as into May. But my guess is it will start up in Ukraine around April some time.
At the same time, I feel that China is empowered to take Taiwan, knowing the US will do nothing more than complain.

Then you add Israel and Iran into the mix, and we are looking at a very busy Spring.

While that is brewing, the rumor is that Biden will do the gun bill with an executive order which will start the process of making criminals out of law-abiding citizens. The left hates the patriotic Christian right and are hell bent on encroaching towards them so they can be neutralized – by any means necessary.

Biden says he is running for a second term, and he said that he doesn’t even know if there will be a republican party in 2024. What?

We must realize the left is in power and along with the liberal news media, it appears they are unstoppable in their takeover of the nation. I think it is best to let them become over confident. That is when movements start making major mistakes.

We have a strong undercurrent in the nation of those that stand for the Constitution and the Republic. So, as long as they are alive, liberty is alive as well.

I feel it is very important to convey the concept we must not fight back physically against the government.

What actually happens is out of our hands. But we can’t promote or suggest any form of violence. There is a legal and better way to take the nation back. Those that have the knowledge and ability know how to do it, so we’re not required to deal with it ourselves. If the procedures are not viable or doable, then everything moves towards allowing the system to collapse on itself anyway.

What we are witnessing now is the fast slide into a nightmarish abyss. They are so cocky, arrogant and blinded by power, that they have no idea what the consequences will be. This all may be a good thing, because once they get in over their head, that is when the nation can be turned around.

The Next Diversion May Be A War Breaking Out

Ukraine has 100,000 troops on the line of conflict and 450 tanks and 850 pieces of artillery staring down the people in Donetsk, East Ukraine. They are 200 yards apart, and shooting at each other every day.

And when someone gets shot, they beat the drums of war and point across the battleground to blame the separatists/defenders that are resisting global socialism.

The Ukrainians say: “It’s their fault I tell you! They deserve to die! How dare they defend their land and homes against the natural evolution of one world global politics! Save us Biden, save us NATO and the EU, before they sing hymns and quote Bible verses! We need guns and bombs, I tell you! How else can we take the oil and gas that lies beneath their land!!”

When conflicts come like this, smart people evacuate in the opposite direction and never look back. That is how our kin survived for thousands of years.

The War On The Homeland Cannot Be Ignored

They have thousands of activists working on socialist programs and community activism – thanks to Obama, George Soros and the democrats. And since they now own the elections there will be no push back on what they do. I am hearing rumors of the feds coming up with a covid passport system, which will do one of two things: make those that don’t get the vaccine second class citizens, or it will give the gov. the excuse to round up those that refuse the shot, separate the parents from the children and place them in detention camps. The covid flu scamdemic then can become the vehicle to establish total control over the people. Those that resist are then enemy number one and rounded up and placed in detention camps for re-education.

In Europe the socialists are also charging British citizens a $7,000 fine for leaving the country. Next it will simply not be allowed, as if they are living in the Soviet Union. They are planning the same thing here in the USA – to not allow any citizen to leave the country for any reason.

Once the door to socialism opens up, they come up with all kinds of new laws to enforce on the people. All they had to do is establish the apparatus to control people through laws, and they will come up with the laws later. Law enforcement and the military then become the enablers for communist control, all under the guise of “serving the greater good.”

The system has been hijacked and taken over by anti-constitutional socialists

If this continues, they will start putting up road blocks, looking for those that refuse the shot, and at the same time look for guns. Anyone that does not comply with the government 100%, on laws they haven’t even invented yet, will be exposed and labeled as the enemy.

They are already drawing up lists to identify enemies of the state, and one of those identifiers is – if you are a registered republican voter. I saw the list myself. Another thing they look for is anyone with a hunting license, and anyone that bought ammo.

Activities that we thought were protected by the constitution are now being used to identify potential domestic terrorists. And being white is a major part of who they are looking for.

They are changing the laws through the courts now, through leftist judges – to remove the Constitutional protection against search and seizure. They will no longer be required to have a warrant signed by a judge to detain a person, and search their car and vehicle and land. Once a nation has been taken over, the nation is lost. We can’t hide safely in that nation. We can’t pretend to be compliant; After all, We are not the politically correct skin color – we are already identified as the enemy of the state.

George Eaton


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