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Brave AfD politician spills the beans: Merkel plans total Corona dictatorship after Bundestag election in September

April 29, 2021

Merkel plans total corona dictatorship after the Bundestag election in September
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AfD politician:
“The only thing that can save us is to overthrow this system.”

In April 2021, the blog published Politikstube Without further comment, a shocking report by Andrea Haberl, member of the AfD district board Freising-Pfaffenhofen, on the incomprehensible intentions of politics after the next federal election on September 26, 2021. Haberl is one of the few courageous politicians who names everything I do and other educators in countless articles about the true goal of the corona fake pandemic: This consists in the abolition of all civil and freedom rights, as they are the plan of the NWO and the Great Reset by Klaus Schwab (WEF). The governments of the world should in future be able to govern freely and unrestrainedly without annoying democratic debates and barriers. This is also one of the western reasons why most of the 193 UN states participate in the New World Order.

In her 9-minute speech (which is only available as a sound) , this courageous woman sums up everything that will blossom for the Germans after the federal election. She speaks from the sewing box: Because the AfD have these plans – and it is more than thought-provoking that the AfD leadership has not long gone on the barricades and called for the government to be overthrown by the population. This is exactly what Haberl does at the end of her relentlessly open presentation of what politics intends to do with the Germans: Germany will become a gulag that will make even the GDR look like a leisure paradise. Merkel is the new Hitler. Politics is determined only by it. Corona serves to reduce the world’s population. All parties take part. But hear for yourself:

Andrea Haberl from the AfD district board Freising-Pfaffenhofen:
Only one overthrow can save us Germans from hell on earth

Merkel plans total corona dictatorship after the Bundestag election: AfD politician unpacks

Transcription by Michael Mannheimer

By Andrea Haberl
AfD district board member Freising-Pfaffenhofen
in April 2021

“I would now like to enlighten you about something important. I’ve been in politics for 3 years. I am on the board of the Pfaffenhofen / Freising region. What I’m telling you now, I know exactly that it’s true, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes – because I’m in politics and work with it. For some it may be too much now. But it should just open your eyes.

First of all, I want to tell you something about the Disinfection Protection Act

Merkel – you know what she’s up to. That she has now initiated this in the Bundestag in the Bundestag. This law is due to be passed on Friday. And I can tell you with 1000 percent certainty: It will be passed. Because parties – CDU, CSU, SPD, the Left, FDP and the Greens – are in conformity with the Chancellor. We already know that this law will pass. It was the same last November that they introduced this. And it will go through now too. Please don’t be under any illusions: it will take a while. They can’t do it yet. Because they now need a two-thirds majority. And they get a two-thirds majority. It’s all set.

It has never been about Corona

What does this law mean? The law means that Mrs. Merkel overrides the states. That is, she has sole power and control. In practice, women determine all of our lives and all of our rights. She can now override anything she’s already done. And I’ll tell you now very clearly: It has never been about Corona. It’s just about a single goal: To implement the plan, Corona was just a pretext the whole time. And I have to say that very clearly here. I’ve seen everything in black and white myself. I know what I’m talking about.

Everything should be nationalized. We should all become dependent on the state.

The point here is clearly to minimize and reduce the world’s population. The whole thing was already planned in 2019, where Merkel met at the Bilderberger meeting. There are many country leaders involved. Merkel belongs to a certain kind of elite who want to implement the “Great Reset” plan – you have probably already heard about it. Everything should be nationalized. We should all become dependent on the state. Our property is being taken. The Greens have already programmed that into their election manifesto. You can read all that I am telling you now.

They want to take everything from us if we survive the vaccination

Just think about the rapid pace at which the whole thing has been whipped through since last year. Think about it and look at all the statements: “No, there will be no compulsory vaccination.” Now it’s an obligation: You are no longer allowed to do this without vaccination. You are no longer allowed to shop. You are no longer allowed to go shopping without a vaccination certificate. All of this has been planned for a long time. This is the first.

After the corona lockdown, they will introduce the climate lockdown

The second is: We should all become dependent on the state. That means we should be given food. Apartments are to be divided. The next thing to come is a climate lockdown. They will take everything from us. I have to say that very clearly here. And we all run out of time. We have no more time.

The governments and all the politicians who sit in there – I’m going to say that blatantly – they are so afraid for their armchair, afraid of being disempowered and no longer earning the money: So they all agree. Because they know exactly: if you agree, you have to go.

If you don’t play along, Merkel will take away the children

And I can already tell you that we are getting a green chancellor. That’s all, that’s all decided, stipulated, and everything is going according to Merkel’s plan. Once the law has passed, there will be no going back to normal. I tell you that very clearly. She will rule over us. She has usurped the power – over our body, over everything. If we don’t play along, if you don’t play along as parents, it will deprive you of your children. This is also stipulated for those who do not conform to it and do not accept this system.

It would actually be in the hands of the people. But the people are too cowardly

I have to say again that it is actually in the hands of the people. But the people are too cowardly. The people follow this woman. As a result, it is deeply divided like never before. And for this reason it will continue like this. I’ll tell you honestly: She’ll be the grocery store. It is supposed to run in such a way that this lockdown that she is now announcing – that we also get curfews during the day, that we are only allowed to shop once a week. We are no longer allowed to leave the house. Starting next week, Monday, we’re not even allowed to go into our own garden after 9 p.m. Please keep that in mind! Of course you sit and say: “That can’t be! It can’t do that! “ Yes, she can do that because it’s part of her plan.

We have a second in 1933

At that time, federalism was specifically anchored in the constitution (Basic Law) so that there could never be rulers like Hitler again. But Merkel can simply override anything. And we have a second in 1933. It’s like this: We are back as far as we were then. But people just don’t want to see it. And that’s the bad thing. And we’re definitely running out of time.

The only thing that can save us is to overthrow this system.

And I’ll be honest: demos where you dance and sing and jump don’t do anything. The only thing that can save us is to overthrow this system. I have to say that very clearly, even if I say things here that can cost me my collar in politics. But I don’t care. Because it’s about all of our lives. It’s about the future of our families. If we get up now and do something, it will come down to us in such a way that all of you cannot imagine. As we all cannot imagine.

This woman is sick. Söder – they are all part of it. You want sole power. And that’s what they get. And believe me: this law will be waved through on Friday. she has disempowered the judges. She had 16 years to install all of this. She overruled the judges. It has put everyone who conforms with it to the most important levers, you have to keep in mind what is actually happening here.

Merkel Germany today is worse than the GDR

It is a system that is even worse than the GDR. You have to be very clear about that. And if you don’t take action now and get up, then it’s over. From Monday next week. I would like to make that very clear to you here again. I could tell you so much internally, what I know myself, what I know in my work in politics. And I’m telling you in all honesty: I would never have thought, never! That all of this would come at us at such a rapid pace. We already knew that last year. And I’ve tried so many times to wake people up. But they don’t even want to be woken up. That is the problem because many cannot even imagine it.

And I can only tell you again: please don’t get vaccinated!

this vaccination serves only one purpose: That the world population is reduced. That’s so. And this vaccine is absolutely life threatening. But that is also part of it (note: on Merkel’s agenda). Because otherwise you won’t whip through a vaccine that had been banned all the years before. This MRNA vaccine had been wanted to introduce all the years. but it had been banned because it is just too dangerous and interferes with DNA and genes. And now they inject it through and get vaccinated – despite all the deaths. So what’s going on here is absolutely insane. You just have to say that very clearly.

There is no longer any need to hope for politics itself

Politics, I am now also making this very clear, politics no longer have any leverage and will no longer help us. That is because they all belong to the system, unfortunately I have to tell God. Make your own picture. But you’re running out of time. You all want to protect your children. then we have to do something and oppose the system. I just wanted to say that now. “


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