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Doctor asking for you to help in sharing information – Refusing to call Covid jabs “vaccination” & seeing vaxxed affect unvaxxed

May 12, 2021

* Covid vaccine deaths: The numbers point to a catastrophe  


A Doctor is asking you to share this, maybe as well with your Doctors?

He refuses to call it a vaccine, and gives info to his patients to help them make an informed choice, and is very concerned about symptoms of those being vaxxed affecting others who have not.

This below is what was asked to be shared:

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,
A religious lady wrote a letter below.
I ask that you read it and then read the links that she asked me to include.
Please consider the gravity of the situation our world is in and assist us in spreading the Truth.
Time is of the essence! ( I took the liberty of misspelling a few words in here to stop from getting censored)


May 6, 2021

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Late last night I received a phone call of desperation and frustration from my son who is in the Healthcare Industry. He is incredibly angry about the situation and what is happening with the rapid distribution of a shot to millions of people with the insertion of “gene therapy.” And now soon children will be given this injection! He will not call it a vacination!

He called to ask my help in warning people. He suggested that we do it the old-fashioned way to get information by doing it in a flyer and anonymously. Distributing it to everyone and everywhere!

He has put his career on the line to inform his patients that he sees daily and he doesn’t care any-more if he loses his job because he does not want to work in an industry that wants to kill people! This particular document that he uses is a document from the CDC that states that the FDA has NEVER APPROVED this “v@xxination.”

What he does when he sees the patient is to just talk to him about whether they have made up their mind to get this “v@x” and then he tells him what he is doing personally and why. Then he shows him the document online that states that the FDA has not approved it. That’s it! And he is deterring many of his patients from getting this fatal therapy.

I am hoping that your organization would consider sharing this with others so that people who question what to do will realize that their lives are at stake. And then, go one to wake up others who are not questioning!

He believes with his whole heart and soul that this information should be in the hands of every person on this planet. And that since it is a factual document which admits that the FDA NEVER APPROVED OF THIS COVID 19 V@XXINATION,” no one should take it! As a medical professional, he believes this should be enough to convince anyone and everyone not to accept this jab!


It can be found here:
(Edited to add non .gov copy in case taken down provided by the good people, and following it the original [link to (secure)]
[link to (secure)]

This gene therapy in the injection is certain to cause irreparable damage and even death for millions of people. He is also concerned that there is something in this formula that is causing “unv@xxed” people to fall sick. So something is definitely being transmitted. Also, please read this doc that states that contact with “v@xxed, can and will cause some kinds of events:
[link to (secure)]

I know my son has put his whole career on the line for the welfare of others and continues to do this every day. He is on a diabolically infested battlefield fighting almost single-handedly! I am proud of him, but I beg your prayers for him as I know what he is up against- I fear that this program of mass destruction and genocide has been designed and implemented in the depths of Hell!

The document my son shows his patients is attached to this email! God bless you! The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Sincerely, A concerned mother who wishes to help her son.”

(End of the letter)


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