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Brazil states halt vaccination of pregnant women after Rio death from AstraZeneca

May 13, 2021

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May 11, 2021: The country of Brazil has halted vaccination of pregnant women on Tuesday (May 11) after an expecting mother died in Rio de Janeiro, where the health regulator Anvisa issued a warning against the use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine.

According to details, the pregnant woman in Rio de Janeiro died after receiving the AstraZeneca jab, and the medical authorities are investigating. The state of Sao Paulo has also suspended COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women with risk factors and both states invoked the Anvisa recommendation as the reason for their decision.

The manufacturer AstraZeneca in a statement said that pregnant women and those breastfeeding were excluded from clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine. And that studies in animals did not produce evidence of harm regarding pregnancy or fetal development.

The batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine in question was produced and distributed in Brazil in partnership with the public health institute Fiocruz.

( In a previous post it was noted that the raw materials that make the vaccines are imported into Brazil from the United States. AstraZeneca in Britain and Covishield vaccine from India also use the same raw materials from the US.)

Source, Yahoo, or use one of the search engines.


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