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The higher-ups know what’s coming

June 16, 2021

She details how she lost her baby awhile back and then switched careers from the health field to working for oil comanies. She has been told from the higher ups that they are expecting to LOSE ALL of their employees that TOOK the Vax shot – which is 50% of the work force in the next few years. And, she has been tasked with the job of finding replacements for those skilled positions. If that is not knowing what is causing the deaths, I don’t know what is.

This is a diabolical, contrived depopulation event and our nation is marching to the graveyards without a complaint. This will kill off MILLIONS! Is it alright now to admit our nation has been taken over from within and we no longer live in a Constitutional Republic? How many millions must die before we say the liberals in DC don’t have our best interest in mind?

It is a sad thing to see gullible, trusting people line up for the death shot. But this is one time when a liberal choice, a choice designed and promoted by the globalists – could end up killing the person that made that choice. They were warned for over a year not to take the shot, but they did anyway, and they laughed at those that knew the truth and called us conspiracy theorists.

But now, the laughter has been drowned out by the cries of families and friends burying their loved ones. And those that are crying now will be NEXT if they also took the shot. It is the end of the world for those that followed their masters like sheep to the slaughter.

Imagine nearly 50% of the US population of 340 million has taken the vax. And they are still wanting more. But the Corporation bosses, knowing that death is inevitable for those that got the vax, are already planning on replacing their empty slots at work. Not much of a confidence builder I must say, of our corrupt system.

The news media won’t tell us the real figures of dead after the shot. We know by the Yaers accounting system that the minimum is 5,000 dead from the shot(in the US), but new reports are putting that number at 150,000, and growing everyday.

There are reports and rumors that as the deaths increase that companies will start to slow to a crawl, and Wall Street will collapse. Are you where you want to be if the system goes down with the continuation of this Communist Chinese germ warfare attack on our nation?

They called us a “virus” that must be eradicated. They made movies, and told us we needed to have the herd thinned so the world could survive. They planned the pandemic to the minute detail and showed it to the corporation leaders in New York City in October of 2019.

This is no accident, this was not a natural pandemic. This was created, planned and conspired to happen right on schedule. And you are the enemy to be destroyed. You and your children.These are not human beings as leaders we are talking about. These are the most conniving predators known to mankind. They are the face of evil put into action. And the only thing that allows this evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.

George Eaton


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