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The Pfizer vaccine IS A KILL SHOT, literally!

July 7, 2021

* Health authorities in the US receive over 800 reports of heart inflammation after coronavirus vaccination  

Spanish researchers put the Pfizer vaccine under an electron microscope and found it contains 99% Graphene Oxide and hardly anything else.

“Each tiny nanoparticle ACTS LIKE A KNIFE and cuts through cell membranes, effectively killing living cells. This in turn causes inflammation …”

There is practically NO evidence that this “vaccine” is gene therapy. There is ZERO genetic material: mRNA or DNA or spike protein. It means this “vaccine” has nothing to do with a so-called virus. This product wasn’t developed to avoid an infection caused by a virus. The true purpose of this product remains hidden. No official statement from governments or health institutions has been made. The toxicity of graphene oxide is reason enough to stop the global vaccination program.

Okay, so what are the characteristics of graphene oxide and what are its known health hazards?

Each tiny nanoparticle acts like a knife and cuts through cell membranes, effectively killing living cells. This in turn causes inflammation, as the body’s immune system kicks in to clean up the cellular debris.

If the immune system can’t keep up, the graphene oxide creates extremely tiny blood clots that can collect together to form larger clots.

Graphene oxide, like asbestos, is inert, thin, hard, and appears to cause its own form of cancer, similar to the way asbestos is linked to Mesothelioma.

Graphene has no bandwidth, so it cannot be turned off as an electromagnetic conductor a thousand times more effective than copper.

So people are being shot up with this crap and it is dispersing throughout every tissue of their bodies and absolutely nobody is on the string and accountable for this.

Not the pharmaceutical companies, because they got an out of jail free card from “the” U.S. Territorial Congress back in the 1980’s, and not the Congress itself, because their corporation went bankrupt and they are now claiming that any responsibility accepted back in the 1980’s when they gave Big Pharma their Lack of Accountability Card no longer applies.

Isn’t this just wonderful, folks, you’ve got all these tiny, tiny knives killing cells in all parts of your body, and you are suffering the effects of this, and nobody is responsible for it — except of course, for you, because you “volunteered” to take the jab.

Never mind that you were lied to. Never mind that you thought it was a vaccine to prevent disease.

According to the Spanish, this isn’t a vaccine and it isn’t even an mRNA gene therapy designed to reduce you to being a Genetically Modified Organism, owned under Patent.

It’s a kill shot, literally!

Can the nanoparticles of graphene oxide be captured and cleared out of the body? It’s possible that another special carbon form can be engineered to do that— fullerenes, also known as “Bucky Balls” might be employed as nanoparticle traps to collect the graphene oxide and transport it out of the body.

But someone has to engineer and produce the right size cage to recapture the graphene oxide, and meantime….

If the results of this Spanish investigation are true, you’ve been attacked, ear tagged, and prepped for slaughter by your own dear Public Employees — a fact that both you and they have to come to grips with.


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One Comment
  1. Faithful permalink

    Research glutathione for your remedy and NAC.
    There is hope for the vaccinated. But it depends where their glutathione levels are.
    Rom 8:36
    As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.

    Ask yourself: Why does the kill shot continue, who has that kind of power?
    Eph 6:12
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Get your spiritual house in order my friends. And look up!

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