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Professor Bhakdi – Covid shots are going to make the “body attack itself”

July 12, 2021


These 10 things will happen next as the conspirators tighten the screw – by Dr. Vernon Coleman


By Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA – July 8, 2021

There is no denying that the world is getting madder – and that the conspiracy practitioners who are now running our lives are becoming increasingly arrogant. And the zombies are becoming ever more stupid.

Twice recently I’ve visited shops which had notices outside telling shoppers that they could only enter the store when someone left. In both cases there were queues outside even though the stores were empty. That’s happened to me before.

Recent events show that the enemy, the conspirators, no longer care about making things look good or disguising their lies and deceits. Anyone, anywhere in the world, who trusts politicians, advisors or mainstream journalists is certifiably insane.

An MP recently said that important people should be exempt from the covid rules. Days later, Boris Johnson released a list of people who are exempt from self-isolating when they arrive from abroad. Officials attending the football are exempt from the rules that affect the rest of us. The fussy little coronavirus obviously doesn’t affect them.

This isn’t new, of course. Hedge fund bosses and some BBC staff have been able to travel fairly freely for months.

Despite promising that there would be no vaccine passports – and that the unvaccinated would not be treated as second class citizens – that’s exactly what is happening. It may be in breach of discrimination laws but the conspirators don’t care. Numerous big companies are demanding that their staff tell them whether or not they’ve been vaccinated – so much for medical confidentiality. And it becomes increasingly clear that those who aren’t vaccinated won’t be able to travel or work.

Nor do the enemy care that the evidence shows that the vaccinated are dying from covid-19 – even after two jabs of the experimental, not properly approved jab. No one in government anywhere seems to give a damn that the death rate from the jab is rising rapidly – with thousands dying after being jabbed and hundreds of thousands seriously and permanently injured. The thousands of deaths are all dismissed as rare or just another coincidence. Effective remedies for the coronavirus are regularly dismissed or demonised. Check out the regularly updated death and injury details on my websites.

Those of us telling the truth are silenced and our lives destroyed in every conceivable way. Governments and media organisations are still shamelessly claiming that the covid-19 jabs are safe and effective. They’re safe and effective in the way that having sex standing up is a safe and effective way of avoiding conception.

They also suppress my videos – making them ever more difficult to find. Since I made my video entitled Lies on the BBC will result in Children Dying my videos have become curiously doubly difficult to find. Telling the truth about covid-19 jabs is not popular.

Evidence mounts of government ministers illegally giving contracts to colleagues and chums. No one cares. Nothing happens except that the bad guys get richer.

In my recent video about masks entitled Many Mask Wearers Will be Dead or Demented in Ten Years, currently being well-suppressed on the internet, I quoted someone called Susan Michie who isn’t a medical doctor but who is an important advisor to the British Government and is director of a centre for Behaviour Change. Comrade Michie said that we should wear masks for ever and stick to social distancing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets her way. As I have been warning for over a year, none of it is ever going to go away because none of it is anything to do with bugs or infections. This is all about control.

No one seems to care that Michie, who is a senior advisor to the British Government, is a communist and a member of the communist party. Can you imagine the fuss if a government advisor were a member of the BNP? The BBC and The Guardian would implode. What the devil is Boris Johnson doing with an avowed communist as a senior advisor? We shouldn’t be surprised.

It’s pure Agenda 21, of course. Left wing horrors are at the centre of government and most public bodies. And it’s much the same in the USA and elsewhere.

Incidentally, if you cannot find my latest video pointing out how and why mask wearers will be dead or demented in a decade, you can read the transcript here.

In the UK, the poor are being deliberately targeted by the Government and local authorities. Many councils are introducing new regulations making it incredibly expensive for the owners of older cars to enter their cities. Road closures put up costs for delivery drivers. Drivers who are struggling with old petrol and diesel cars will be forced to buy expensive electric cars which have been proven to be less energy efficient than petrol and diesel cars – and which require vast amounts of electricity that soon won’t be available.

The bad people are spending £2.3 million at St Pauls on a covid memorial. Why? It’s just a crude, cynical stunt to increase fear about the over-promoted flu. What about a memorial for all the old people who, a year ago, were being murdered in their care homes? Don’t they matter?

Everywhere you look there is wickedness and lunacy.

The Government in the UK says that employees will be given a legal right to work from home in the future. But employers can’t be forced to allow them. So that’ll be fun for the lawyers.

During the last eighteen months, we have been subjected to a massive number of absurdly inaccurate predictions from Imperial College and the hapless Ferguson. I’m pleased to say that my predictions, made in nearly 250 videos and hundreds of website articles, have been consistently accurate. They’re all still there if you want to check. So here are some more predictions….


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