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Injectable Chip Implants for “fight against Covid & future pandemics”

July 14, 2021

?! Beware of the forked-tongue cabal. Clueless sheeple no doubt will applaud the plan while the satanists sneak pass yet another one of their sinister long-term agendas

In March 2021, Dsruptive Subdermals concluded a world-first clinical study using injectable implants to measure body temperature in humans. The study demonstrated that implantable temperature sensors can be used with comparable quality to existing clinical methods for temperature measurement. At the same time, implants remove the need for external measurement devices and offer a hygienic way to make large amounts of measurements in a standardized way.

Backed by this research, DSruptive is now offering its temperature sensor solution for researchers to contribute to the fight against Covid-19 and any future infectious disease.

Covid-19 has changed healthcare forever. The detrimental impact that it has had on a global scale has forced people to wake up to the fact that we must innovate and evolve in the way we look at the health of the global population. The Covid-19 pandemic has also taught us the need to enable easy and standardized ways to measure body temperature at scale.

In parallel, human chip implant technology is moving from niche to mainstream and has the potential to make a significant contribution to the fight against future pandemics by offering convenient and accurate health logging on a global scale.

DSruptive’s clinical study demonstrated the viability of chip implants to track body temperature and that they are robust, reliable, and most importantly safe. This will change the way we track and fight diseases, another weapon in the arsenal against Covid-19 and any future infectious disease.

To contribute to the fight against Covid-19 as well as future pandemics, we are offering our temperature sensor implant platform to researchers around the world looking for a practical, durable and robust tool for temperature measurement under field conditions. This is done via an open API.


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