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How many children are going to die because of this woman?

July 16, 2021

By Dr Vernon Coleman, July 13, 2021

So, they are planning to give experimental, not fully tested, temporarily approved covid-19 experimental `vaccines’ to children without obtaining parental permission..

Have I slipped into a time warp? Where are we now in history? Germany in 1939? Russia a decade or two earlier? The Middle Ages?

This is scarcely believable child abuse. It’s assault.

`Don’t trust people in cars who offer you sweets. Don’t trust people with syringes who offer you jabs.’


Legions of independent doctors around the world say it isn’t safe to give these dangerous, toxic jabs to children who have very little risk of catching covid-19 – let alone dying of it. I suspect that the few doctors promoting this scheme are largely those who, one way or another, stand to make money out of it.

The doubters point out that governments admit that the jabs don’t stop children, or anyone else getting a disease now accepted as nothing more than an over-marketed flu, and don’t stop them spreading it even if they catch it.

A few days ago even the World Health Organisation (not a body I usually regard with much affection or respect) said that it wasn’t safe to give the covid-19 jab to children. It is, of course, necessary to give them the jab because children have strong immune systems which protect them.

And then, to my great shock, they suddenly went into reverse and announced that children could be given the stuff after all.

Golly, that was a surprise.

One of the most enthusiastic promoters of the covid jab for children is a contemptible woman called Devi Sridhar, an academic, who is I suspect no more a medical doctor than my chair. She has an accuracy record which makes Neil Ferguson look good and she is, in my opinion, one of the most dangerous women on planet earth. She makes the evil queen in Snow White look benevolent and warm-hearted and if she sues me for libel she’ll have to stand up in court and decide whether she lied because she is stupid or she lied because she was pleasing the cabal which is forcing an unnecessary, experimental vaccine on seven billion people without ever testing it properly.

Has she ever prescribed an antibiotic, sewn up a cut arm or comforted parents whose child has just suddenly died?

I suspect not.

I recently exposed Sridhar’s indefensible claims about the covid-19 terror jab in a video entitled Lies on the BBC will Result in Children Dying.

The BBC published a weedy correction which was seen by two men and a dog but I saw no apology from Sridhar and she wasn’t mentioned by the BBC in their probably mostly unseen note.

Extraordinarily, even after being exposed as either knowing as much about medicine as a six week old slug or being prepared deliberately to lie in order to delight the evil cabal, Sridhar is still listed as an advisor on covid-19 to the Scottish Government. She’s a professor at Edinburgh University and a columnist on The Guardian.

Now the Scottish Government has done some bad things in its time but have they ever done anything less explicable than hire Sridhar as an advisor? I’d vote for digging up Myra Hindley and appointing her. Better still, Rose West is still alive and just as suitable for the post as Devi Sridhar. Children would be safer with either of those than they are with Devi Sridhar around.

Sridhar may know something about something but who certainly doesn’t know enough about medicine to fill the tip of a needle originally said that the jab was 100% safe for children.

That, of course, was blatant gibberish and Sridhar has now slightly amended her original claim.

The latest garbage to dribble from her lips is that no child has died as a result of the vaccine.

She also claims that although there may be some side effects they are treatable. (Thanks to Daily Expose for picking the video up from Channel 4.)


Myocarditis? Pericarditis? Just treatable? They can kill. And even when they don’t kill they can turn a once healthy child into an invalid. They may need a heart transplant.

You don’t just rub some cream on, Sridhar, or give them a spoonful of green syrup. They can die. Or they may need a heart transplant. Treatable, she says. Have you ever seen a child struggling to breathe? Have you ever seen a children’s ward for heart patients? Treatable, she says.

What Sridhar obviously doesn’t bother to know is that the American government, her government, publishes regular accounts of the number of people killed or injured by the covid-19 jabs. They do it for all vaccines but no other so-called vaccine would be on the market if it were as deadly as the one she promotes with such enthusiasm. The British Government does the same, of course.

I’ve got here details of the covid-19 jabs in America.

President Biden’s government says that six children under the age of 17 have already died and 17 have been disabled and 361 have been hospitalized. . . .


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