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Something really odd is going on

July 19, 2021

In Europe we are seeing surges at many places where most of the population has already been vaccinated

At the same time, the 15 least-vaccinated countries don‘t seem to face any problem.

At some point, denying this problem will get painful.

* For second week in a row: More Covid-19 vaccination deaths than Covid-19 deaths in the US according to CDC and VAERS websites
“This is worrying me quite a bit”: mRNA vaccine inventor shares viral thread showing Covid surge in most-vaxxed countries 


Also take a look at what went on in the 15 most vaccinated countries worldwide

(SPOILER: doesn‘t look to good)

I did not include tiny Gibraltar, which claims to have double-jabbed all (!) of its citizens.

So why do cases suddenly rise through the roof? (yes it‘s residents, not tourists)


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  1. XUMNO permalink

    Many have the notion that once people are vaccinated, Covid-19 will just disappeared into thin air. Why can’t everybody accept the simple fact that vaccines are just one form of protection against the virus but will not guarantee infection will not occur. Just like the common flu, there is no available drug or medicine that will wipe it out. Indulging into debates on why, and how about the virus at this juncture is wasteful and academic. The only effective solution to minimize the pandemic is to adapt human behavior to a new regimentation, adhering to the common s.o.p observing social distancing, putting on masks and cleanliness.

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