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Crisis Wake-Up Call

July 22, 2021

UK funeral director exposes the Covid scam it’s the vaxx that kills, not the non-existing virus!

The interview at the link below is a MUST LISTEN, it concurs with our OWN research that there is an MASSIVE GLOBAL AGENDA – a CULL!

The interviewee is completely on track in stating that there is NO virus, it’s all FALSE to get the sheeple vaccinated and therefore kill people off.


My guest today is a funeral director with 15 years’ industry experience, who has been running his own family business in Milton Keynes for the last five years. Because of all he has seen over the last 18 months, John O’Looney is now prepared to take the potential hit on his business by speaking up. In a YouTube comment that has gone viral despite his account being removed, John said:

“Last year the death rate was totally normal. In fact, it was a little bit down on 2019 and towards Christmas many of my colleagues were actually turning their fridges off because there was no-one dying. We began vaccinating on January 6 locally and the death rate went through the roof almost immediately – within the same week, and for three months. I’ve never known a death rate like it in 15 years as an undertaker.


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