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I was having a discussion with Dr. Robert Young on reactions and he said to me: “The blood doesn’t lie …”

July 22, 2021

* Horrific findings in the blood of the vaccinated

Dr. Betty Martini, founder of Mission Possible, sent this out to her distribution list

We seem to be living in a world that is upside down where right is wrong and wrong is right. We are shocked when we hear and see good people prosecuted and bad people appear getting away with lying, stealing and even murder.

The CDC Flu statistics have disappeared completely and ended up being relabeled as coronavirus statistics. No matter how or why people have succumbed, the death certificates read coronavirus with physicians and scientists getting very concerned and angry. Now the vaccinated transmit to the unvaccinated who have been trying to stay safe.

When people were having coronavirus symptoms where anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were prescribed, patients were recovering within 72 hours. Even when these prescriptions were approved by FDA, with excellent results, both drugs were censored for their efficacy and pharmacists were told they could NOT fill ANY Doctor’s ordered prescriptions. Many doctors were confused and began to complain because in some cases, like with lupus patients, they were successfully using Hydroxychloroquine (HCA) for years and now their medication was no longer allowed.

Excellent, well respected doctors like the Frontline physicians had a National Press Conference in Washington D.C., being upset and outraged, started telling the public that they have been using Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for the symptoms of CoV -19 with excellent results. These frontline physician’s shared their clinical results of patients sick with high fever, dry cough, shallow breathing, difficult breathing, -low energy, loss of taste, cold hands and cold feet, lightheadedness, muddled thinking, just to name a few of the CoV – 19, were prescribed HCA and Ivermectin and recovering in 3 days or less. Because these frontline doctors told the truth and were focused on saving lives they were punished rather than heralded as heros by ‘bad actors’, the liberal elite and main-stream media. Many of these good doctors were hacked-off the Internet and some were even fired for being following the Hippocratic Oath,”to do NO harm”!.

Finally even pro-vaccine scientists went to the aid of the public like Dr. Mike Yeadon who was with Pfizer for 20 years, V.P. and Chief Scientist. Dr. Yeadon stated: “You do not vaccinate when there is no threat of disease”. 

Here was his final warning: 

The good doctor is telling the world that CoVid -19 “is utter nonsense. No virus and people walking around in masks outside in the summertime.” You can see in the video where Dr. Yeadon is beside himself. He admitted to the World that the jab is for depopulation as many of us know who have researched the matter. This has been planned for over 47 years and is the greatest hoax in human history! Even CNN had to apologize for the film of crowds that were not there. The ‘bad actors’ and eugenicists behind this plandemic knew they could rely on main-stream media and fact checkers to support their fraudulent narrative for the ‘great reset’ and depopulation agenda. Not from a phantom virus, which is just a smokescreen for the release of a deadly plan to reduce the surplus population of “useless eaters” with chemical and radiation poisoning delivered directly by intramuscular inoculation.

I was having a discussion with Dr. Robert Young on reactions and he said to me: “The blood doesn’t lie..” He ought to know because his background for the last 40 years is in pathological blood coagulation and blood and interstitial fluid chemistries. Please read the report at the following link on what these shots are doing to our blood and interstitial fluids:

After you listen to this you have only to read his first sentence.

The reason I call these inoculations injections, ‘the Shot’, ‘the Jab’ or ‘the VAXX’ is because the CoV – 19 injection is not a vaccine and therefore would not come under the ‘no liability’ achievement’ compliments of the Supreme Court. This is why the white insert or leaflet listing the so-called vaccine ingredients is blank. If you ask your doctor for the list of ingredients found on the leaflet contained in the box holding the vaccine vial you will see for yourself that the leaflet is blank! Why do they not want you to know? In three days 45,000 died and a lawyer filed suit against the Federal Government!

Dr. Young explains why below”

“The microzyma or small intelligent being that makes up all organized plant, animal and human matter is the only thing that is living and can only change its form and its function based upon conditions of the environment. The alpha, beta and now delta variants, which are endogenously created out of the body cells are nothing more than the microzymian alteration due to an acidic vascular and/or interstitial fluid environment. The delta variant is an outfection of cellular degeneration and a ‘smoke-screen’ to cover up the real cause for pathological blood coagulation, DIC, hypoxia and then death by suffocation. The real cause of cellular degeneration, genetic mutation and the birth of vesicles born out of the cellular membrane is from radiation (EMF) and chemical poisoning (food, water, air and inoculation) – a combination of graphene oxide (a genotoxic nano particulate) tritium (a radio-active isotope used in nuclear fusion) and other adjuvants like polysorbate 80 that become hyperactive from 2.4 ghz (microwave radiation) and up to 41.3 gHz where there is resonance between the EMF and graphene oxide.(GO) Graphene Oxide resonants with 5G at 41.3 ghz. The spike proteins or vesicles and other variants are endogenously created and break off from the cell membranes. They are symptoms of cellular aging and degeneration due to the orchestrated radiation and chemical poisoning delivered by the nano lipid capsid that is injected intramuscularly to be later found in the vascular and interstitial fluids. Once in the vascular and interstitial fluids these radioactive and chemical poisons will be carried to and through all organs. glands and tissues. The majority of the cytotoxic, genotoxic, hematotoxic, hepatotoxic, nephrotoxic and testis toxic nanoparticles contained in the lipid capsid, 70 percent is being found in the reproductive organs (sterilization), 20 percent in the bone marrow (blood cancers) and 10 percent in the heart (myo and pericarditis). All experimental CoV – 19 vaccines contain these nanoparticles and those who have been inoculated with these poisons will succumb by systemic radioactive and chemical poisoning due to decompensate acidosis of interstitial fluids of the Interstitium that will lead to pathological blood coagulation or blood clots and death by suffocation. The deaths are happening now and will continue in mass as more of humanity around the world are being vaccinated. This was the case in India until a Supreme Court Justice allowed the free use of alkalizing agents of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.”

Please read the following article –

You can also watch the following interviews –

Thin interview yesterday was posted on Facebook at –

All the best of health and thank you for all you do,

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