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Mass-murder by Covid jab is being perpetrated in broad daylight

August 3, 2021

Will the human race permit the ongoing GLOBAL GENOCIDE via Covid ‘vaccines’ to continue?

Covid Super Vaccination Agenda
Put On
Super Steroids

That the world community of nations has been so easily stampeded into the pen of Covid vaccine compliance speaks volumes about how far much of humanity has fallen.

That parents would so willingly submit their children — who cannot provide INFORMED CONSENT — to a highly experimental vaccination program, which has proven to be dangerous and deadly to the extreme, reflects a truly shocking level of both ignorance and fearfulness.

What humanity is now witnessing is a real-time Holocaust / Genocide / Depopulation scheme that makes all the others that took place over the past 100 plus years, in the aggregate, look quite low-key.

Here’s how one highly informed insider put it:

“They’re not even hiding it anymore!
Mass murder by Covid jab is being
perpetrated in broad daylight. All
of the COVID-19 injections are now
the real super-spreaders. Whoever
is not killed by the Covid killshots,
is given the disease. Many are bed-
ridden for months; others debilitated
for life; some incapacitated for days.
Everyone is witnessing a deliberate
global depopulation event. They
know the vaccinated become shedders.
Which means every person on Earth
will be vulnerable to the never-ending
Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.
And the perps only get more brazen
and reckless and desperate by the

— Intelligence Analyst & Former Military Officer


At this late date, everybody needs to correctly understand that there’s a Covid Vaccination juggernaut rolling across the land — on all 7 continents — crushing everyone in its path.

If left unimpeded, the implementation of the COVID Super Vaccination Agenda (CSVA) will eventually capture every person on Earth unless We the People stop it—NOW!!!

Therefore, every resident of this planet is compelled to figure out how and when and where they can best throw a wrench into “Covid vaccination juggernaut”.

After a sufficient number of wrenches have hit their marks, the juggernaut will surely be stopped dead in its tracks.

This global initiative MUST be organically grown, grass-roots driven and people powered from the get-go if it is to be successful.

Folks everywhere need to step up to the plate with courage and resolve and fight to quickly and totally terminate this genocide post-haste.

Remember, the Covid criminals and Great Resetters are executing according to a very strict timeline of staged events and necessary endeavors.  The precise schedule for their New World Order agenda is well explained here:  2022/2023: The Controlled Demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System

In light of this stark reality, it’s time for everyone to get busy.  January of 2022 is only 5 months away, and the perps are on a mission to shut US down every they can between now and then.  Hence, every day that goes by between now and 2022 narrows our collective options and individual alternatives to thwart the CSVA as the window of opportunity inexorably closes.

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  1. Phil Blackwell permalink

    Max deaths and Pharma profits for all the upcoming variants!

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