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Think the Covid Lockdown is for a pandemic as a result of a virus? Think again!

August 6, 2021

Look at the dates . “Transhumanism 1626–2030”

This is how long they have been planning

We must question his story



“Summary The long planned aim of Globalist ‘Powers That Be’ is to dismantle Western society as we know it, transform the world over a period of 10 years commencing 2020 and replace human beings with a semi-robotic trackable and controllable variant. The title of this plan is the ‘New World Order’ and the preparation for this is dubbed ‘The Great Reset‘. There was a dress rehearsal for COVID in the autumn of 2019 at a conference named 201 funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The smoke-screen was a ‘new’ virus which was touted as being deadly. This was a device to frighten people into doing what they are told. The Covid virus itself has not been identified by the World Health Organisation. The PCR test for the virus is about the most unreliable ‘test’ ever invented and at best detects detritus. Governments are doing whatever they can to manipulate figures to keep the case level high and use the figures to educe fear among the general public.This is a repeat of Germany in 1933….”

Regional and national operational plans under UN global governance…. “Transhumanism 1626–2030”

by Editor | Aug 4, 2021

Provisional agenda item 11.3 6 May 2020
Draft immunization vision and strategy: “Immunization Agenda 2030”

The Immunization Agenda 2030 does not, however, exist in isolation. It is backed by technical analyses and documentation, with complementing strategies of stakeholder organizations, disease-specific initiatives, and other global health and development programmes. It is designed to steer the progress of national strategies and plans for immunization.

Furthermore, the creation of the Immunization Agenda 2030 is planned as a multi-step process that entails agreement on a vision, strategic priorities and high-level goals as a first step. Equally important is the second step: translating the strategy into concrete actions…

This will take place through the development of regional and national operational plans, an Immunization Agenda 2030 governance mechanism and a monitoring and evaluation framework

“Transhumanism as a Secularist Faith”; Robert M. Geraci “The Politics of Transhumanism and the Techno-millennial Imagination, 1626–2030”

Transhumanism is a modern expression of ancient and transcultural aspirations to radically transform human existence, socially and bodily. Before the Enlightenment these aspirations were only expressed in religious millennialism, magical medicine, and spiritual practices. The Enlightenment channeled these desires into projects to use science and technology to improve [??] health, longevity, and human abilities, and to use reason to revolutionize society. Since the Enlightenment, techno-utopian movements have dynamically interacted with supernaturalist millennialism, sometimes syncretically, and often in violent opposition. Today the transhumanist movement, a modern form of Enlightenment techno-utopianism, has evolved a number of subsects, from the libertarian utopians funded by billionaire Peter Thiel, to religious syncretists like the Mormon Transhumanist Association, to the left-wing technoprogressives and their bioliberal intellectual allies. In reaction to accelerating technological innovation and transhumanist ideas, apocalyptic Christians, and even secular catastrophists, have begun to incorporate human enhancement into their End Times scenarios. With all sides believing that the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, there is a growing likelihood of violent confrontation.


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