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Vaccine only works for a few weeks according to CDC – Government to recommend TWO SHOTS PER MONTH

August 24, 2021

The insanity & genocide continue!


One George Eaton’s comment:
If the vax is not working, why would people take more shots more often thinking it would be effective? They pulled a scam on us and got billions of people to follow them like sheep to the slaughter, but to follow them twice is the epitome of stupidity. Don’t take the shot, there are better ways to fight a flu virus.

It is obvious the shot is making people sick and killing people, and the affects of the shot could be long term health issues that would lead to even more deaths. This is starting to look like we’re in the middle of a horror movie where the masses are being purged on a wholesale basis. This means your family, your loved ones and your friends will be the next victims of long term health problems or death. We have ample proof now that the vax is dangerous and ineffective to fight against the covid flu virus. Don’t follow the rest of the world over the cliff.

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