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Fully-vaccinated against Covid. Yet dead by Covid. Why?!!

August 25, 2021

Simple, the New World Order globalists
played your fear,
they lied through their teeth,
and you believed them.

* Vaccine Death Coincidence Thread 
* Dr. Sean Brooks reveals: “If you took the jab you’ll die within 6 months to a few years”
* Study: Fully vaccinated healthcare workers carry 251 times viral load, pose threat to unvaccinated patients, co-workers 

It has NEVER been about science,
NEVER about preserving your life
– it has ALWAYS been about GETTING RID OF YOU!

They’ve planned this medical genocide to get you dead.
While at it they’re also getting ludicrously rich at your expense.
But here’s the kicker: A spiritual war for souls is raging
and in a lockstep drive these satanic globalists are

carrying out human sacrifices to their master Moloch.

The ‘vaccine’ is their bio-weapon.

The ‘vaccine’ is their Covid-enabler.

The ‘vaccine’ is their guarantee they can get you dead
without facing any consequence on earth.

Don’t you know the more shots you take
the quicker you’ll be dead?
Don’t you also know a holocaust is happening
right in front of your eyes and you don’t see it?
And because you’ve been ‘vaccinated’ you are now
super-spreader of Covid to the un-vaccinated.

God help us all.

Until and unless the white-hats muster enough courage
to stand up against their evil higher-ups and put an end
to this abomination, we are all going to be dead soon
– ‘vaccinated’ or unvaccinated.

But hope springs eternal,
and sadly the damage is already deep in motion.
So before that eventuality arrives you’d better
get right with your Creator, once and for all,
Whom you will surely face and give

an account of your trespasses.
He is not unjust, uncaring, unmerciful.

He has in fact made an easy way out for you.
He sacrificed His only begotten son and shed his blood
as a free gift of salvation for you.
Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour

and you are guaranteed a pass by Him,
a resurrection of life in heaven

It is the greatest thing you can ever do for your soul.

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