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The killshot heard around the world

August 30, 2021

FDA’s illicit approval of
Covid killshot is the last straw!

New World Order globalist cabal makes
the most desperate move in world history!

Folks, it does not get any more malevolent and malicious than this.

The Covid vaccines, all of which have proven to be exceedingly dangerous and deadly to human life, will now be mandated across the USA as a result of the transparently criminal FDA approval.

What that really means is that every US citizen, regardless of their health freedom choices, will slowly but surely be corralled into the pen of Covid ‘vaccine’ compliance.

No Vax, No Food

While the U.S. Federal Government may not come right out and mandate the lethal Covid vaxxes for everyone, the corruptocrats know they really don’t have to…YET.  That’s because if folks can no longer get into supermarkets, grocery stores and health food stores to buy their food and beverages, they will starve to death.

This is exactly the type of diabolical coercion that’s being employed by the utterly satanic NWO cabal.  And they don’t even care that everyone knows about the ongoing vax genocide since they BELIEVE they exert total command and control over the entire planetary civilization.


People, their end game has come much quicker than expected.

When the Covid criminals hang the threat of starvation over every anti-vaxxer’s head, you know they’re desperate to the extreme.

Nevertheless, they are determined to carry out the GREAT RESET according to a set time frame that begins in earnest this Fall, and will greatly accelerate throughout 2022.  As follows:

2022: The Controlled Demolition of Everything

What this really means is that the American people are compelled to both fiercely resist the ever-intensifying Covid tyranny as well as expeditiously remove the Covid tyrants.

For it is nothing but a totalitarian communist state that the perps are hellbent on foisting on the United States, turning it into a dystopian post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The globalists are, right now, utilizing every strategy and tactic associated with Cultural Marxism in order to irreparably tear the fabric of American society so that opposition to their GREAT RESET will be minimal and manageable.

Of course, their main Ordo ab Chao MO is manufactured Covid chaos, confusion and conflict.  For these and many other reasons, it’s imperative that the body politic unify post-haste under the banner of taking back the American Republic from the thieves and murderers who stole it.


There are several ways that We the People can take back our country from the incorrigible cabal of criminal insane psychopaths who have relentlessly looted it since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

For example, the truckers can shut down commerce in a day and a night by simply parking their freightless trucks.  That would get the attention of people in all 50 states real fast, and start the conversation about why the truckers would even ever conduct such a passive but paralyzing protest nationwide … … … like they’re doing in Australia.

Then there’s this citizens’ initiative that’s slowly beginning to gather steam—PROJECT TAKE BACK THE REPUBLIC.

This urgent project provides for a peaceful and nonviolent approach to taking back America one county at a time… one state at a time.

The guilty Covid criminals are now aware that there is a serious endeavor that will soon unite the Patriot sheriffs in all 50 states with a constitutionally backed Citizen’s Grand Jury Movement.  These citizen Patriots will be lawfully empowered to carry out Citizen’s Arrests, convene Citizens’ Grand Juries, conduct Citizen-Conducted Trials, as well as execute the harsh sentences that will be handed down. See: HANG THEM ALL! LIVE—ON THE INTERNET!

Every SOTN reader is highly encouraged to review PROJECT TAKE BACK THE REPUBLIC at the link below, and then distribute it widely.   For the Window of Opportunity to Terminate Covid Super Vaccination Agenda Closing Fast—very fast!  Which is precisely why the Covid perps have fabricated the “surges and scariants” to perpetuate the Plandemic hoax indefinitely.

The NWO cabal, which is dead set on collapsing the American Republic, knows that once a critical mass of U.S. citizens get Covid vaccinated, they only need to flip a switch (i.e. the 5G power grid switch) to control the populace.  Therefore, it’s absolutely crucial for the Patriot and Truth Movements to bring the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda to an immediate halt. See: It’s the GRAPHENE OXIDE, people!

KEY POINTS: It’s essential to understand that the Plandemic perps have very stealthily pitted the vaxxed against the unvaxxed.  In this way, they hope to police the nation for vaccine compliance with sheer and unrelenting citizen pressure.  However, both sides of the citizenry must now unite and rise above this engineered conflict so they can join together to empanel citizens’ grand juries with all deliberate speed.  These Covid criminals must be taken off the street before they reach their statistical vaccination goals necessary to effectuate the GREAT RESET.

Bottom Line

Only We the People can do this.  And, we all must do this today, not tomorrow.  Because if we don’t, there won’t be a tomorrow.

So, please, send the following link to every Sheriff and Patriot you know.  Once a sufficient number of citizen’s arrests have been made throughout the USA which are lawfully enforced by the sheriffs, the communist traitors issuing the unlawful orders, illegal mandates, unconstitutional laws and illicit rules will know the deal.

For the SOTN uninitiated, the success of this whole strategy relies on this simple political principle: When the elected representatives and government officials are MUCH more afraid of We the People than they are of their hidden handlers and shadowy paymasters, everything changes in a New York minute.  Now, please read:

State of the Nation
August 25, 2021


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