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10 current trends of Operation Coronavirus as of August 2021

September 1, 2021
COVID trends

There are 10 current trends that have been emerging and becoming very clear in the last few weeks of Operation Coronavirus. We are now around 1.5 years since the scamdemic was launched in the West, and even though many people have awakened to the true diabolical nature of the agenda, there are still many others hopelessly lost in fear, confusion, hypnosis and blind obedience to authority. The COVID op still advances worldwide. Below are 10 current trends that summarize the latest iterations of an operation that is quite probably planned to last until at least 2025 – if not longer. However, this is not about predictions. This ends when we end it. Despite the ominous advances of Operation Coronavirus, the solution is still just as present as it has always been: determined, peaceful non-compliance en masse. If we sit around, this will only get worse and worse and worse.

COVID Trends #1: Vaccine Mandates and Segregation of the Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

Vaccine mandates are being pushed in many nations and states. The pattern is that governments are mandating vaccines for people in their jurisdiction first to see if they can get away with it. This means that federal workers, state workers, city/municipal/county workers and other public officials will get hit with vaccine mandates first by their respective governments, because these governments have most control/jurisdiction over them. The agenda, of course, is to start small and go big, moving from small vaccine mandates to society-wide and planetary-wide vaccine mandates (remember Bill Gates’ announcement in 2020 that he wanted to vax the entire world of 7 billion people?). Commifornia Governor Newsom announced a “vax or test” rule for all teachers in the state while both the New York Governor (disgraced Andrew Cuomo who is about to leave) and Mayor (Bill De Blasio) announced vaccine mandates for their respective jurisdictions. Luckily people are not taking this lying down, with a group of restaurant owners choosing to sue New York City and de Blasio over the mandate. Meanwhile, Canada is set to mandate COVID vaccines not only for all federal public employees but also for all commercial air travelers.

COVID Trends #2: Blaming the Unvaccinated

The New World Order (NWO) controllers know that to continue the scamdemic, they need to keep inventing new things to scare people, as well as demonize those who don’t go along with the agenda. This trend addresses these 2 needs at once. By blaming the unvaccinated, they simultaneously claim that the pandemic is still ongoing while attributing the cause of its continuance to the “dirty, selfish” unvaccinated who just won’t sacrifice their bodily autonomy and medical sovereignty for the greater good. As usual, a closer inspection of these claims reveals them to be false. The original ‘pandemic’ cannot be ongoing because it never existed in the first place, being instead propped up by fraud and deceit achieved via methods such as the untrustworthy PCR technique (now abandoned by the CDC) and the bribing of doctors, clinics and hospitals to inflate the case and death counts.
While the original ‘pandemic’ cannot be said to continue, we are faced with a grave new issue: the rise of disease due to the vaccination itself, whose symptoms conveniently mimic those of the disease. Gibraltar recently had a 2500% increase in COVID cases despite being fully vaccinated, and similar things happened in Iceland and Israel. Israel’s Director of Public Health admitted that 50% of new COVID cases were among the fully vaccinated.

COVID Trends #3: Punishing the Unvaccinated

Blaming the unvaxxed is one thing, however the NWO manipulators orchestrating Operation Coronavirus are not stopping there. The agenda is to punish the unvaccinated in a variety of ways. It’s basically a gaslighting technique to turn up the psychological heat and to make normal life so difficult that the unvaccinated will capitulate and submit to having the dangerous and experimental COVID fake-vaccine shoved into their bloodstream. The carrot-and-stick approach is now turning more to the stick only approach. An Alabama doctor says he won’t treat unvaccinated peopleunvaccinated Australians will be barred from major sporting eventsunvaccinated Quinnipiac University students will face weekly fines and lose access to wi-fi; plans are afoot to deduct $50 a month from employees who remain unvaxxed.

It doesn’t stop there. In Pakistan, thousands were cajoled to line up for the fake-vaccine after the Pakistani government shut down cell phone service for the unvaccinated; a local Philippine government declared that unvaccinated people would be barred from purchasing food; and finally, a University of Washington Medical Center pulled a heart transplant patient from the waiting list after he refused the COVID vaccine. Sad to say, this is just the beginning.

COVID Trends #4: Tyrants Pushing It to the Extreme

Another conspicuous trend has been the willingness of power-hungry control freaks in positions of authority to go into full blown tyranny mode – taking it to the point of extreme absurdity. Again, these would-be tyrants will get away with as much as they can unless people stand in their sovereignty and in their power to push back. Many of these examples come from Australia which appears to be a breeding ground for the most insane, dictatorial and Orwellian rules in the entire world. One Australian health official told grandparents to not go anywhere near their grandkids; the Queensland Chief Medical Officer called for residents to not open their front doors or even shop online (because that would mean some postal worker has to be out delivering your mail and therefore ‘in danger’ – seriously this is the absurd level to which the propaganda has sunk); Australian Police chastised and fined a man who went outside to get some fresh air; and Melburnians were again hit with a curfew and were told they needed a permit to leave home to work and that face masks were no longer allowed to be removed outside to drink. Meanwhile, in neighbouring nation New Zealand, PM Ardern put the entire country into lockdown after just 1 single COVID case and told people to not talk to their neighbors (echoing what Aussie officials had said a few weeks earlier). A Southwest Airlines flight attendent told a mother to glue the mask to her toddler’s face!

This is our world today. Insanity is the new normal. At what point has the deep tyranny and absurdity reached enough of a nadir that people will stand up and say “NO!!!!!!!”?

masked children COVID

COVID Trends #5: Masking Children

The NWO agenda is a heartless, Satanic agenda. If you think it’s going to at least spare the kids, think again. Australia again features in this next story as Paul Watson reports that Australian police were pepper spraying children for not wearing face masks. Nice one; what bravery. That is severe trauma in the making for our future generation to work through when adults. It is not surprising that an Australian health official fleed a press conference when questioned over the rise in teen suicides in Victoria. An Irish report came out to confirm that making children wear masks in the classroom is child abuse; the report states it can worsen existing health issues, stunt language skills and cause psychological harm. Meanwhile, some backbone still prevails in some parts of the world, as these parents in Tennessee descended on a school board meeting to oppose a mask mandate in their schools.


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