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Breaking! New Covid variant worse than ALL previous ones discovered!

September 10, 2021

It’s called the ‘BS’ strain.

* HRR Situation Update, Sep 9, 2021 – Australian police begin GASSING Covid camp prisoners
* Australia Warns Unvaccinated: We will keep you locked down FOREVER!  

“This just in! A new Covid-19 variant known as ‘BS’ has just been discovered in Biden’s panties. This new ‘BS’ strain is more lethal, more spready, more stupid than all other strains.

“Every American and their pets and potted plants will require 2 marijuana booster injections daily to survive this new variant.

“Symptoms of the variant include constantly watching MSM while obeying without question or fact checking any ‘expert’ who scares the shit out of you with just how bad it is, and how many people it’s killing. Other symptoms include zero critical thinking skills, acting like a mindless sheep and speaking like an idiot to all your friends and family praising Fauci and Gates for saving us with their vaccines!

“Hospitals are already overflowing all ICUs are full of useful idiots who took the jab that didn’t protect them from this deadly BS strain!

“If you suspect anyone of contracting this ‘BS’ strain call the Covid-19 hotline to report them immediately at: 1-800-IMA-IDIOT

“If you are not afraid of the ‘BS’ strain and think it’s all just bullshit you are a domestic terrorist and extremist who is a threat to all the dumb-vaxxinated and the NWO.”


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