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People, assert thy status as a man, and get rich!

September 23, 2021

* This is one way to stand up to tyrants and their dogs — but taking orders is way simpler, and thou can get very rich! 
* 5 Greatest Lessons to learn in your life 

During ‘enforced vaccine mandates,’ should any public servant or person “order” thee to do something that thou do not wish to do – thou should ask him/her (this applies to every public servant or person who is present to harass thee) the following 2 questions …

Is this your wish?
Is this your order?

As soon as they answer in the affirmative “YES,” immediately issue each one present an INVOICE for the first 24-hour day for charge at rate of $1 per second for every second as fair and just compensation for thou to PERFORM their orders! And payment is due immediately (as when one has ordered a meal at MacD)!

It’s a tidy sum of $86,400 PER PERSON per every 24-hour day until they stop their orders!

Be happy and take their orders, and get rich (or see thy harassment disappears quickly)!

Click link to learn the process &
download a copy of the sample invoice

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