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Postmaster Russell Jay Gould issues warrant for arrest of Anthony Fauci

September 25, 2021

Who will be the Marshals with balls to execute the warrant?

From → Health, World Watch

  1. marisab88 permalink

    I predict after the collapse of the medical system the justice system will be next. How do I get in touch with Gould?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Start at last flag and look for the emails there are a few

  2. I have been looking for you! I seen your video quite a while ago but could never find you….you are such a hero! Here is my email…If you put out emails I would love to get included

  3. Brenda permalink

    i hope it works and he is arrested for just lying his butt off to everyone and insighting fear,confusion and more of pushing this jabs. today he showed up on TV to give his advice again of wearing mask…you gotta do better than that if your Cheif . thank you

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