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Why they are killing Americans and replacing them with illegal aliens

September 28, 2021

“When an American dies, the PTB [NWO globalists] cashes in his/her birth bond”

* The U.S. government is doing everything they can to collapse the system — before they ‘Build Back Better’ 


In addition to the fact that they want to get rid of American values and freedoms, there is an underlying economic reason for killing off Americans and replacing them with pliant slaves.

As we all know, there is no positive money in our society now, it is all debt money, money created by debt. When you take out a loan, the bank “creates” money in the form of a ledger entry. No debt, no money. In order for the PTB to create, and have, money, they have to create debt.

Americans are borrowed to the hilt – they are tapped out. They cannot sustain sufficient debt increases to keep the Ponzi scheme going.

But when an American dies, the PTB cashes in his/her birth bond. This puts more glyphs in the PTB ledgers.

Conversely, illegal aliens come with nothing, but in particular with no debt. They are ripe for creating debt, i.e. money for the PTB to keep their Ponzi scheme going, with them on top.

But how to house and feed these aliens? The government is priming the pump. In this state, aliens get $1,500 a month, free health care, and most of the jobs (companies are given a tax break for hiring them, and sued and hounded for “discrimination” if they don’t hire mostly aliens).

Meanwhile, the economy is being crushed, and Americans are losing their homes in droves (never mind dying from Covid, that is, the Covid jab – note aliens both do not take the jab and are given Ivermectin when they cross the border). There is soon to be a massive number of foreclosures. Hedge funds are buying up these and other empyy houses en mass, even at above market prices. The aliens will get these homes; they have no debt and can afford to accrue a lot of debt. Apparently, the hedge funds have some sort of deal with the government to back loans to these debt-free aliens so that the hedge funds can up-sell these properties or lease them in perpetuity (feudalism).

We have become Homo Economicus. You must live, breathe, and work for the Ponzi scheme. Yet it is this very Ponzi scheme which prevents and destroys true wealth.

Klaus Schwab (Heinrich Himmler), head of the World Economic Forum, has said that by 2030 you will have no assets and you will be happy. You will be happy to be permitted to survive.

Many Americans feel they are secure. Will they be when the economy tanks, the stock market implodes (this time also bonds will) and banks face insolvency?

And remember (1) you can no longer own property in the US (the UN holds title), (2) when you put money in a bank the bank legally owns the money (you are an unsecured creditor), (3) you don’t own stock anymore, it’s all in the name of a street holding company, CEDE (their pun).

And on top of all this, what debt money people believe they have, not only buy less because of inflation, but also buy worse and worse quality – bad air, bad water, adulterated food, shoddy products, more crime.

We are going down. Even if the Trump phenomenon is real, and even if we restore the Republic (a big if), we may never pull out of this, because monopoly fractional banking rules the world. And with an iron fist.


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