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This is how the shots are wiping out your immune system – TERRIFYING!

September 29, 2021

It’s all about the BOOSTER SHOTS!
Don’t take them!

* Pro-vaxx ex-Notre Dame professor who viciously attacked “anti-vaxxers” on social media dies after Covid ‘Booster’ shot 
* UK hospital data shocks the world: 80% of COVID deaths are among the vaccinated… COVID deaths up 3,000% after vaccine wave 

* Medical experts warn: Coronavirus boosters kill more lives than they save 


Tremendous 4-minute video from a doctor/scientist. She reveals what the first and second Vaxx shots were designed to do. But the BOOSTER SHOTS (Yes, 4 BOOSTERS are already planned to roll out) are the KILL SHOTS. Highly recommend you take a moment to watch this video.

Brief summary of video:

* The purpose of the first Vaxx is to DESTROY your white blood cells which protects you from all kinds of infections. Destroys as much as 75%.

* The purpose of the second Vaxx is to DESTROY the remaining white blood cells.

* The first Booster will inject 81 strands of foreign material into your now TOTALLY UNPROTECTED body. These are renegade cells NEVER seen before by your body.

* The second Booster will inject 8 strands of HIV into your totally unprotected body AND will shut off your immune system.

* The next TWO Boosters will provide more foreign material until you body is overwhelmed by poison and dies.

* 20-30% are anticipated to die after each Booster.

* Yet in a strange way, those remaining will become dependent on later Boosters in order to survive [as ‘vegetables’?].

* In 2-3 years most Vaxx recipients will be dead.

IMPORTANT: If you or your family has been vaxxed with the first two doses, you have done damage to your body. But this is NOTHING compared to what will happen if you take ANY of these Boosters. THE BOOSTERS ARE THE KILL SHOT!


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