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The [illegitimate Biden admin] is doing everything they can to collapse the system – before they ‘Build Back Better’

October 4, 2021

Be assured they DO NOT mean to build back better
for you the people – but for the globalists & themselves.

Remember ‘Hope and Change’ going all out to
“fundamentally transform America”? Well, they are still at it!

* Watch Nancy Pelosi make a telling slip about who’s actually President  

My interpretation of “build back better”: A nation doesn’t do that unless they have lost a huge amount of lives. It seems to me that the build back better phrase is a bit premature, as if the final purge hasn’t happened yet, but they’re already preparing to rebuild, even before the war ravaged the land and killed off a lot of the citizens.

So, these phrases like “the great reset” and “build back better” are a warning sign that the purge is still ongoing and we are facing even greater problems, more shutdowns and more loss of life.

I have a feeling something big is being planned against the citizens as another step towards total control of the public. What we are seeing with the push for vaccinations is not normal. The vaccine doesn’t work and they know it. What we are seeing is a full sweep of power over the people that includes their financial situation and the health and reproductive abilities of the public. With total control over people’s well being it means an end around the military and political system, and 100% control of the people – as if the globalists won a war. This is serious. They are treating this seriously. And we need to take this more seriously as well. They have us in dire straights and almost under full control.

They are pushing extra hard now as if their lives depend on it. What they are doing is the opposite of the constitution. Only a small minority of republicans are not going along with the globalist agenda. If a person adds up everything the politicians have done we are only a few steps away from total collapse, and then total control of a dying people. There is no push back, and the more they vaccinate the less resistance they’ll have. The economy is in shambles and they are now making all the moves to make it worse and shut down the supply lines to the people.

The banks are hanging on by a thread. Wall street is fake and being held up by fake purchases that the US uses from offshore banks to keep the stock market high. But the reality is, there is no real confidence in Wall street anymore, and it will collapse when they have run out of options to keep it afloat.

The word has gone out from Pelosi and others to prepare for a government shutdown. They appear to want the US government to go into default when they don’t pass the budget bill. This will take the nation’s economy down even further. However, if the budget bill does pass, they are borrowing more $ trillions to keep the government going, when in fact they can’t even pay the interest on the national debt. Either way, a financial collapse is imminent. At some point the confidence in the system will come to an end. Everything they are doing is adding up to the collapse of the American system. And with the invasion of illegals it is only adding to the chaos, and will accelerate the destruction of the US system.

What is happening is being done on purpose, it is not by accident and it’s not a random event. They are purposely doing everything they can to collapse the system.

They paid farmers 150% of their crops to plow under this year’s harvest.

They are creating shortages in food and supplies.

They are creating slow downs at the docks at all the ports.

They shut down all new oil drilling and fracking.

They shut down the pipeline from Canada.

They have promoted sickness in hospitals and are directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths.

They have shut down schools and colleges, and made the entire education system nearly impossible to function correctly.

They are setting up a health pass system that will implement full control over the public as if we were under communist rule.

If this is not considered a full take over and overthrow of a nation – this will do until the real one comes along. The Biden regime is making all the moves to entice the states to secede or refuse to go along with federal regulations. This communist government is working feverishly for the breakout of a civil war. It’s as if they don’t care what the outcome will be, as long as they get a shooting war started, and the sooner the better.

The liberal politicians aren’t working for any compromise or to get along in Congress. They are working full speed ahead to take full control of the people, and if they resist, then they’ll order the troops to shoot them on sight. This is the reality we face and what their actions mean in the real world. And, the sooner we realize this fact, the sooner we can fully comprehend what is going on and then make plans for it.
The longer we deny the reality we face, the less prepared we’ll be for the future.

500 Americans are in jail right now being charged for insurrection on Jan. 6th. Trump could have given them a blanket pardon before he left office, but he didn’t. Those family’s lives are now ruined. And our law enforcement system, FBI and many other groups were all used to track those people down by their cell phone locations. These were people from a Trump rally. But all the BLM and Antifa people involved throughout the nation in violence and burning cities down, they have all been pardoned. What does that tell us?

While we slept the nation was overthrown. Now all they’re doing is the final round up of Americans that will oppose them in the future. The big push to fulfill this globalist agenda before they “build back better” is to:

Sicken some
Kill some
Imprison some
Brainwash some
Starve some
Enslave some

What category will we be in before it’s over?!?


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  1. Elizabeth Schneider permalink

    They ALL can go burn in 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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