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The Iteration Method of stopping any court action before it starts

October 6, 2021

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Iteration means “the repetition of a process or utterance.”

This MUST BE DONE AT THE VERY OUTSET of any court case, criminal or civil, and you must avoid the whole issue of the “name game” entirely. When asked to “state your name” say only your first name – “John” for example, or “John Michael” – and admit that you are here to address the court “in this matter” – which actually means, in your fleshly body.

There are only THREE JURISDICTIONS available to the courts now assaulting the American People – ECCLESIASTICAL courts, MARITIME (commercial) courts, and ADMIRALTY (military) courts. To defeat the action against you, you must establish that you are OUTSIDE all three of these potential jurisdictions.

At each step of the process the jurisdiction changes and the change is signaled when the judge gets up from the bench and leaves the courtroom. When he returns, you have “ratcheted up” into another and more serious jurisdiction.

They always follow the same order and begin in the maritime (commercial) jurisdiction where the answer is to “wish for” remedy.

The second more serious jurisdiction is admiralty (martial law) where the answer is to “wish for” cure and relief.

If the judge dares to leave and come back again, you are both playing for High Stakes, and are now in ecclesiastical court (cannon law) where the answer is to identify your self in connection with the Creator. A Judge who VIOLATES YOUR SOVEREIGNTY in this jurisdiction LOSES HIS JOB PERMANENTLY.

This is the ‘iteration method’ when facing any action in one of their courts. You make these threeiterations” as your only replies.

“Your Honor, for and on the record of this court, I am a living man, the blood flows and the flesh lives and I wish for remedy …”

He will have to get up and leave the courtroom. When he comes back …

“Your Honor, just to reiterate, for and on the record of this court, I am a living man, the blood flows and the flesh lives and I wish for cure and relief …”

He will have to exit again, or DISMISS outright. Most judges will dismiss at this point rather than risk the consequences of a FINAL CONFRONTATION, but if he comes back a third time, you REITERATE.

“Your Honor, to reiterate, for and on the record of this court, I am a living man, the blood flows and the flesh lives, and we are sovereign. Nothing stands between my self and the Divine Creator of All That Is.”

And there is the final end of the nightmare. He has no further recourse, no other jurisdiction to exercise, and he has to exit – PERMANENTLY.

The DA may be dumb enough to set up another case and the Clerk may attempt to assign another Judge, but after a few judges lose their jobs by pushing the envelope and running afoul in canon law, they all get the message.

By Anna Von Reitz


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