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Dutch forensic pathologist writes in LinkedIn of his findings, asks for professionals in his field to share info

October 13, 2021

He finds “small point-shaped hemorrhages” & “viscous, dark blue/black blood” in the deceased

As the days progress, you can bet more of these horror stories will emerge. Wake up, people. THE VAXX & BOOSTERS ARE THE KILLERS; not the virus for the virus is common influenza covid that’s been exploited (with help of your ignorance) to frighten you to take the death jabs.

Google translated …

“Bleeding, very small bleeding in a deceased person. I come across them more and more often and notice that my work to be performed is shifting as a result and I have to get more and more out of the closet to make these deceased presentable. We call them petechiae. Small point-shaped hemorrhages that have entered our vascular system, so that they can no longer be suppressed. Over the past six months I suddenly come across deceased weekly with this unpleasant discoloration in the face, shoulders and upper arms. The deceased is purple/blue on the face (not printable) and blue/black on the neck and shoulders. The oxygen-poor blood I take from this deceased (to replace with chemicals with dye) is viscous dark blue to black (no exaggeration). Are there colleagues who recognize this and can tell me what causes this? I think I have enough experience to recognize that we encountered this less often before (for me from 4 per year, to 2 per week). Please ask in a PM”

Some replies he received …

The sister of a friend of mine had blood clots all over her body after 1 injection of AZ, kidney failure, and she vomited that viscous gunk. Her sister said it looked like unrefined oil. After months in the hospital she is now at home, but she will never be normal again. I wonder how to do this with blood transfusions, organ transplants. You may hope you never need that…”

“My partner died of acute cardiac death 4.5 days after vaccination with AstraZeneca. Indeed a purple/blue discoloration in the face.

The frequency of which you speak raises the necessary question marks in my mind. The bottom stone has to come up as far as I’m concerned. I suspect a lot is being concealed and there are doctors who look away and come up with negative reactions in advance, as in my specific case.”

Suddenly many more people die from blood clots, heart failure, strokes, brain haemorrhages, etc. I recently had a conversation with 2 doctors, a doctor and ICU employee. They link this directly to the vaccines. In all cases this happened after vaccination. I have to express my concern.”

Learned through a friend that her uncle was found dead three weeks after the first shot. His body continued to bleed and decomposed within two days. The funeral was in a closed coffin with the body packed in a kind of body bag with an odor-eating substance in it. Have you also experienced something like this Edwin Spieard?”

Update [by Dutch pathologist] 10-10-2021

My question above is intended to be neutral with the aim of being able to perform my work better. Through all kinds of channels I am told that even on Twitter (not used by me) reactions are posted, which are not intended to help me and thus the relatives. A response is fine, but please focus on my question and not on speculation. Someone who knows me knows (certainly after reading my book) how serious I am in my profession, I would like to keep this name. Thank you!


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