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HHS senior Covid advisor makes vaxx plea to President Trump

October 20, 2021
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By Stew Peters Show,

President Trump did a lot for this country, but we have to be honest. On Covid, he often left a lot to be desired. He let that idiot Tony Fauci just blurt out whatever he was thinking that morning and use it to set national health policy. He at least temporarily accepted mass lockdowns, and he kicked off tactics like eviction moratoriums that the left is now eager to abuse forever.

And then there are vaccines. The Trump administration financed the crash development program for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Trump himself hasn’t embraced vaccine passports, but he’s still been very pro-vax, and he says that “everyone” should get it.

Well, now the FDA and every blue state are taking him up on that. They’re clearly going to ram through full approval for these vaccines for pre-teens, and soon they’ll be trying to stick them into toddlers too. It’s not to protect the kids. Kids are already basically immune to Covid. They’re doing this because they are religious fanatics, and the vaccine is their sacrament, or if you prefer, their Mark of the Beast.

Paul Alexander was a key aide to President Trump at the start of the Covid pandemic.

But since the end of the Trump administration, Alexander has diverged from the President. Trump has been promoting the vaccines, while Alexander is pushing back against them.


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