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MIT scientist on criticizing Covid vaccines: “You have to be careful because you could be eliminated”

November 11, 2021


Dr. Retsef Levi is a professor at MIT Sloan School of Management. He was one of the featured speakers last week in Washington D.C. during Senator Ron Johnson’s Roundtable Discussion on COVID-19 Vaccine mandates.

Dr. Levi is pro-vaccine, and has an impressive bio as a “mainstream” scientist and professor at MIT Sloan School of Management.

He stated:

“I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’m not a Republican, I’m not a Democrat.

I just happen to be a scientist that challenges the current narrative that dominates public health policies around the world and in the U.S. and in Israel.

I can tell you that I know many mainstream scientists and medical professionals, who similar to me, think that the current narrative is extreme and wrong.

But very few of them are willing to speak up.

And I’m not sure I can blame them, because any attempt to deviate from the narrative today is faced with a wall of hostility, rejection, and even elimination from the government, including funding agencies, from public media, and worst of all, from the scientific community itself.”

Dr. Levi then states that a colleague of his at MIT who is a member of the National Academy of Engineering told him:

“You have to be careful, because you can be eliminated.”

Dr. Levi then goes on to talk about academic fraud and how he and many other scientists saw right away that what Pfizer was publishing about the results of their COVID-19 vaccine trials was seriously flawed, and that their statements regarding efficacy were wrong.

And we now also have a whistleblower who worked on the COVID-19 vaccine trials for Pfizer who has also exposed the fraud at Pfizer. See:

Whistleblower Reveals Fraud in Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trials as 5 to 11-Year-Olds Begin to be Injected – Vaccine Deaths and Injuries to Follow

These scientists tried to get their critiques of the Pfizer studies published in the academic journals, but were denied. The only studies published were the ones that conformed to the mainstream narrative, and these studies were basically pure junk.

Dr. Levi gives the example of the studies that were just recently published to state that the new booster shots were effective and safe. Most of the patients given the shots in the trials were only followed for less than two weeks in order for the drug companies to declare the vaccines are safe and effective.

He is very critical of these journals, because regarding safety, they are failing to report any negative side effects, including deaths.

Dr. Levi goes on to give an example of this academic censorship.

Me and my co-authors pointed out that when you look at national emergency services calls in Israel for cardiac arrest among young individuals under 40, you see a dramatic increase of 25% of these calls parallel to the vaccination campaign in Israel early in 2021, and we see a statistical association to that campaign.

We wrote the paper about that, NOT claiming that there’s a casual effect between the vaccines and what we see, because don’t have the proof for that.

But we did raise the concern, and we called authorities to check what is going on.

Needless to say, we never got a response from the authorities, and in fact, they went public and called this research “fake.”

But even more concerning, journal after journal after journal in the academic literature is rejecting this article, most of the time based on the argument that it is “not a priority.”

Well, I don’t think that calling safety concerns “fake” is morally right, or scientifically right.

I think it is clear that these vaccines are not naive, and they have serious and unprecedented side effects.



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