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German Clinic Director releases video before suicide

November 21, 2021

“There is NO VIRUS, it’s a dictatorship disguised!!”

* Head of East Germany’s largest hospital “throws himself off building” after admitting Covid is a scam  

My comment: The Covid 19 pandemic is being exploited to start a global take over of all nations and the masses. It has been exaggerated to cause fear and start a shutdown of all economies, which is being used to control people and eventually disarm them.

The vax is used to inject a dangerous poison in people’s bodies for a variety of reasons. One is depopulation, one is massive sterilization for the survivors, another reason is to inject them with a nano computer operating system for a lifetime of controlling through electronics.

With an injected nano computer inside the brains of people the conspirators can make people riot, become lethargic, obedient or go insane. Or with the touch of a button end their life. In one fell sweep, the wealthy elite globalists turned the masses into their slaves for life without firing a shot.

This is more than they ever hoped for or dreamed possible. It’s no wonder Bill Gates put on the big party in New York City in the fall of 2019 – to imitate a global pandemic and give the “puppet masters” a chance to practice their virus game.

The insiders and those that took part in this conspiracy are trying to tell us that the globalists are pushing the vax so they can reduce the population and control the survivors. It’s not about medicine. A global emergency allows them to do things they couldn’t do before or would have taken decades to accomplish.
Those that are taking part in the vax are complicit in the crime of destroying lives, overthrowing nations and murdering innocent lives. This is not the American way. This is blatant genocide that must be exposed and stopped.

George Eaton


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