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Under siege in Australia

November 21, 2021

An Aussie in rural Australia documenting his observations and personal experience

* Over 10,000 Australians planning to file Covid-19 vaccine injury claims  

Hunter Valley NSW – Workplace quaxxed rate at 90% compliance

I am currently under siege in my home in rural Australia. Like all other unquaxxed citizens in NSW, I am not permitted to enter any establishment not classified as essential without showing the digital passport issued by Medicare. I have been locked out of my workspace and not permitted entry to the building to collect my personal belongings. My employer (local government) has issued a draft COVID safe protocol which has all unquaxxed up for termination from December 15, just in time for Christmas.

I am not permitted to go 5 kilometres from my place of residence. Medical exemptions on the rare occasion they are issued are reviewed and rejected by the Health Department NSW and employers around my district (coal mining operations specifically) also veto doctor exemptions at will.

The draft convid safe protocol issued by my employer has many ridiculous clauses and has been written by power-mad idiots who have no idea what is going on in front of their very eyes. The FAQ section of the document states that even after emergency measures are lifted by the Gubberment end, the protocols will remain and include boosters. They are calling for feedback submissions before implementation, which I believe they will use to tighten up their sloppy document. I will post sections as I go along.

Unquaxxed groups are forming around me and we now have jabbed people joining the ranks that will be rejecting boosters. For example, one family of 4 in my suburb who rushed their mother to hospital with heart complications and blood clots are now terrified of the poison in their bodies and are a big NO for getting on the booster train.

The local doctors are losing their shit with one getting abusive with patients, e.g., my friend went in with bleeding gums, nose, and clots, he said “What did you expect, it’s in the side effects, you were informed, go home and rest.” The sum total of his treatment plan.

Big W, the only department store in town, is classed as non essential and I have friends sending their kids to school with holes in their shoes and out grown undies because we can’t buy them locally.

Interestingly, we are seeing Compliance Fatigue creeping in with blind eyes being turned by door bitches whose job it is to check passports on entry and some small businesses offering their services on the down low.

That’s Australia man, sooner or later, the summer heat sets us into not give a fuck mode.

Masks are worn every where, they have them on outside and drive down my quiet suburban street with them on when only the driver is in the car. Good luck to them in summer when the air is so hot and dry you can’t breathe anyway.

My thread is just to diarise my personal observations and experiences.


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