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Doctor claims vaxx will kill BILLIONS

November 26, 2021

“Spike protein is one of the most contrived toxins or poisons that man has ever made. The aim of this toxin is to kill billions without anyone noticing.”

Dr. Shankara Chetty recently spoke candidly about the mRNA vaccines and spike proteins during a Zoom call with other doctors. Dr. Chetty is a Natural Science Biologist and Family General Medical Practitioner in South Africa. He rose to prominence this past year due to his (successful) covid treatment protocols which include Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

Dr. Chetty took no prisoners as he eviscerated the mRNA vaccines and the spike protein calling it a mass genocide. He said that the spike protein is a toxin to the human body.

Dr. Chetty’s Zoom call is linked at the end of this article.

Dr. Chetty said, “the deaths meant to follow the wax sinnations will never be able to be pinned on the poison. They will be too diverse, too many, and in too broad a time frame for us to understand we’ve been poisoned … Spike protein will trigger a host of autoimmune responses”.

The spike protein is what wreaks havoc in a covid patient’s body. He went on to say that because the spike protein causes such a wide variety of ailments it is nearly impossible for anyone to directly connect them to the vaccine.

“The aim of this toxin is to kill billions without anyone noticing …You’ve got to admit, that’s quite a neat trick“.

Furthermore, the timing is different for everyone. For some it could be weeks or months, while for others it could be years before they experience the wrath of the spike proteins. This gives plausible deniability to Big Pharma.

The coronavirus is encased in a spike protein shell. This shell enables it to penetrate the entire body and to even cross the blood brain barrier. The current batch of mRNA vaccines trick the body into reacting to and manufacturing the spike protein. The mRNA vaccines essentially make the body poison itself. A recent study out of Guelph University discovered spike proteins throughout the entire body. They were found in the heart, lungs, brain, liver, kidneys, and ovaries.

It had been originally believed that the vaccine and the spike proteins remained localized in the shoulder but this has been proven to not be true. While the coronavirus itself will make you sick, it is the spike proteins that cause the variety of illnesses documented in covid patients. This is why we see blood clots, heart attacks, lung damage, myocarditis, strokes, brain fog, and prion diseases amongst covid patients. The mRNA vaccines are making your body manufacture the very thing causing you harm!

“This toxin in the long term is going to exacerbate people’s preexisting illnesses”. People “will die of strokes and heart attacks, and we’ll attribute those to their preexisting conditions.”

There are MANY examples of vaccinated individuals suffering things such as heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, myocarditis, etc. (see my article, “Vaxx Facts”). This can be directly attributed to the ‘spike protein making’ instructions the mRNA vaccines give to your body.

VAERS currently lists 18K vaccine related deaths. They say that VAERS only accounts for only 1% of the actual total of deaths. Which means it could be as many as 1.8M deaths thus far. The MSM has been silent on these. Over 60 professional athletes have suffered heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots in the past year after being vaccinated. The writing is on the wall and Dr. Chetty appears to be right.

The mRNA vaccines trick your body into attacking itself. This is essentially an autoimmune disorder that will affect the vaccinated over time. They have created a stealth ticking time bomb that will ravage the vaccinated for years to come.

The big question is whether this was on purpose or if it is the result of greedy Big Pharma chasing billions of dollars with little regard to safety. They demanded indemnity and received it. Big Pharma can do whatever it wants and face zero repercussions. We know for a fact they have a history of putting money over health whether it be the Swine Flu vaccine or Oxycontin.

Dr. Chetty paints a very bleak, ominous picture that is slowly being revealed to us as the adverse effects pile up. The only question is who will be able to stop it?

Dr. Chetty Zoom Talk

60 Minutes Swine Flu Vaccine Expose

Guelph University Peer Reviewed Study


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