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Who are those involved in the current global conspiracy to kill off a large number of people worldwide?

December 14, 2021

Watch this video and learn who controls what and then TRY TO DENY TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS that THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY to genocide billions and enslave the remaining humanity, and that the current virus pandemic is NOT A COMPLETELY FAKE EVENT.


This is a BRILLIANT Documentary which WASTES NO TIME in revealing how a small group of SUPER RICH, ELITE CRIMINALS have been scurrying around like COCKROACHES buying up virtually everything on the planet, and their END GAME IS TO OWN & CONTROL IT ALL, including all of us!

From the media, health care and travel, to the food industry and even ENTIRE GOVERNMENTS, their SATANIC END GAME is simple: IMPOSE a NEW WORLD ORDER by using a FAKE COVID PANDEMIC & LOCKDOWNS to obtain enough POWER in the RIGHT PLACES, thereby allowing them to control the entire world and its Global Population!

Perhaps the most terrifying thing about this EPIC DOCUMENTARY is how it REVEALS PRECISELY HOW these Evil PURVEYORS OF DEATH are conglomerating ALL of the PIECES on the CHESSBOARD, getting ready to cry “CHECKMATE!” And IF THAT HAPPENS (by us allowing it to happen), IT’S GAME OVER FOR US, PATRIOTS!

Why is that, you may ask? Because, all they need to succeed now is OUR PERMISSION, Patriots … just THINK ABOUT THAT!

This INCREDIBLY EYE-OPENING DOCUMENTARY cuts to the very HEART OF the DEEP STATE CABAL, revealing some of the Greatest Evils Known to Modern Man — while EXPOSING several examples of just how DASTARDLY their DIABOLICAL SCHEMES have played out to bring upon us this, the FINAL END GAME! Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, the Bushs, the Clintons, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, the Royal Family — not to mention a NEVER ENDING LIST of so many more — are EXPOSED FOR THEIR PARTS IN THIS DIABOLICAL & DEMONIC PLAN!

After watching this MIND-BLOWING & INFORMATIVE VIDEO, YOU’LL FINALLY FEEL a WELLING-UP IN YOUR HEART & AWAKENING of your MIND & SPIRIT because you’ll know just how — and what — we need to do to take back our planet from these DEMONIC EVIL-DOERS!

PLEASE, share this video wherever you can!


One Comment
  1. Hurumph…

    Methinks some of ’em are themselves either “controlled opposition” or they later had Regrets serving the “dark side”.

    This is what most people get for worshipping false idols: this most deplorable state-of-affairs we are now witness to on a global scale.

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