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Stories from the vaccine injured

December 16, 2021

The press isn’t interested in covering stories of the vaccine injured. I’m going to add to this article over time so check back for more.

* Some Good News and some Bad News for all the Unvaxxed

By Steve Kirsch

Here are some stories of the vaccine injured.

There are hundreds of thousands of stories just like these.

Sadly, Americans have been paid nothing to compensate them for their injuries. Zero. Zip. Nada. This is truly unbelievable.

The settlement in the Larry Nassar abuse case was $380M and nobody there died or was physically disabled. Here we have hundreds of thousands of Americans who are dead or severely physically disabled at the hands of the US government and we haven’t paid out a dime in compensation. This is really stunning.

The bolding below is mine but otherwise these stories are from the source, unedited.

How long can you live on 3 hours of sleep a night?

This story came in via Professor Byram Bridle. It was written by the wife of a vaccine injured man who is about to die.

December 10, 2021

So lately my mind has had a few questions that are ever present and cause my soul so much turmoil.  These questions include ‘how long can a man who shakes constantly only get 3 hours or less sleep per day and survive?’ and ‘how long can a guy survive with little to no nutrition due to an inability to keep food down?’, to name a few.

My husband deteriorates daily.  It has now been 2 weeks since he has held any food down.  He hasn’t stopped shaking since July 29th, even with the heavy neuro meds he now takes.  He has gotten 1 full night’s sleep in the last 2 months, 90% of the time he gets less than 3 hours sleep.  Speech issues. Left foot turned in and under. Uses cane for short distances but otherwise a wheelchair.  Many falls using cane (those are very scary).  Constant muscle spasms.  Deep back ache since July.  Constant headaches/migraines.  Skin that hurts and burns but no external evidence of trauma.  Random bruising, especially in low back where he is always in pain.  Roaming hematomas observed and documented by docs/nurses.  Random painful red spots on the skin that burst with clear fluid and leave an open sore.  Deterioration in hearing and massive deterioration in eyesight (didn’t believe me that snow was falling until he heard it on the deck), the list goes on but those are the big ones that pop to mind.

Do you know which doctors are helping him? None.  Not one.

Do you know why? Because he is vaccine injured and no one will help him because a) they will be investigated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (please look up their memo to their members dated April 30th, 2021, it will terrify you), and b) there is literally nothing they can do. 

Here is why. Western medicine relies almost solely on testing for diagnosis (we have learned how unreliable testing actually is during this pandemic, haven’t we?).  The damage that is being done internally by the covid vaccine is not something that has been seen widely before (however looks up Antibody Dependant Enhancement and vaccine if you like being an informed individual).  The testing that we currently have does not detect the damage.  At all. 

For example my husband’s hands and feet would swell horribly.  When this happened in hospital they did blood work immediately.  The results were back before the swelling was gone.  Yet there were ZERO inflammatory markers in his blood work.  Zero.  In person neuro tests he fails (like scratch test on bottom of feet) but nothing shows up on any imaging. As such, the doctors here are worse than useless.  Because of their own diagnostic limitations they have suggested that this is psychosomatic. So damaging!! I no longer have any faith in any medical provider as they have proven themselves completely untrustworthy. 

And now I watch people inject their children with the evilness that put my husband in this situation and I weep.  I am in mourning.  For my husband and my family.  For my friends and family who are suffering strokes/neuro/cardiac/GI suddenly after being vaccinated and having no prior issues.  For their children who will have to care for them/bury them.  For the kiddos left behind.  For the kiddos who will go through massive health issues after vaccination.  For the women suffering an insane increase in miscarriages/stillbirths.  For the people who are now sterilized and cannot have children.  For the people who are providing care to vaccine injured people and who live in a constant state of ‘what next’.  For humanity and the loss of even one soul to this genocidal poison. My soul weeps.


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