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Events to come for 2021 /2022

December 23, 2021

(Discernment recommended)

The Roughest Ride in Human History!!!

Posted on December 18, 2021 by State of the Nation

WARNING! Please, do not send this video
to anyone who’s not ready to view it.

Many SOTN readers know that is our partner site which has delved deeply into many topics that are well beyond the scope of this Alt Media news/commentary platform.

In fact, the Cosmic Convergence Research Group (CCRG) has thoroughly researched, over many years, the various apocalyptic predictions which are covered in graphic detail in the featured video presentation posted below.  The CCRG has also written about them extensively as follows:

HUGE Changes Coming To Planet Earth

We at SOTN have also thoroughly investigated many of these weighty “End Time” matters.

Needless to say, many of the ominous predictions in the preceding definitive essay by the CCRG have already come to pass; while the most planet-altering will transpire in the not-too-distant future.

The current human race has simply gone beyond the point of no return.  Truly, we are on the cusp of THE MOST DEFINING MOMENT in world history.  That’s because raw and unmitigated evil has increased to such levels, and become so deeply entrenched in every sphere of life on Earth, the entire planetary civilization has been put into GREAT jeopardy!

KEY POINT: The history books of the future, if there are any, will point to the morally corrosive effects of an unlimited amount of bankster-generated money as the downfall of the world community of nations.  For example, the whole spectrum of institutional America has become so profoundly corrupted that wanton criminal misconduct has become the norm not the exception particularly throughout the U.S. Federal Government.  “For the love of money is the root of all evil” has become so pervasive within Corporate America, especially where the power elite reigns supreme, that there is literally nothing they will not do to illicitly accumulate MUCH more wealth and power. See: Why do The Powers That Be persist in destroying their own home planet?

Hence, much of what is quite forebodingly portrayed in the following video will quite likely befall humanity during the 2022/2023 time frame, to our great dismay.

It is with deep regret that SOTN felt compelled to post these extraordinary prophecies, which may very soon become real-time manifesting predictions.  Now, here’s the aforementioned video.


State of the Nation
December 18, 2021

*SOTN sincerely regrets posting what may very well be our final featured piece.  We are not suggesting that these predictions are inevitable; however, some of them could be (which is why we decided to post the video).  Therefore, it’s of paramount importance for each and every reader to correctly understand that these predictions are not, by any means, carved in stone. It’s also quite obvious that the stated 2022 time period for the fulfillment of so many dire prophecies is far too short; hence, some will take place over the next few years.  REMEMBER: The true purpose of all authentic prophecy is to avert the predicted calamity; or to, at the very least, substantially mitigate those cataclysms.  Which means that: THERE’S ONLY ONE [URGENT] SOLUTION GOING FORWARD—ONE!!!

N.B. The CCRG will soon publish their last and final post outlining the volumes of conclusive evidence that validates much of the content shown in the above video.  Their extended essay will illuminate the multiple and HUGE conspiratorial plots now afoot, some of which make OPERATION COVID-19 look like a mere warm-up to the main event(s) planned for 2022/2023. See: 2022: The Controlled Demolition of Everything

Required Reading
NIBIRU: The Comet-Planet Interloper with a Long-Prophecied Divine Mission



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